Audrey Roloff Slammed For Using Ember Jean, And Her Faith, To Shill Her Products

Audrey RoloffInstagram

Audrey Roloff and her husband, Jeremy, are probably the most outspoken members of the Little People, Big World extended family when it comes to their Christian faith. While the other members of the family (excluding Molly, who generally tries to avoid the cameras at all costs, and Jacob, whose problems with Christianity are well-publicized) will often talk about their faith in God. Aud & Jer, however, are much more fervent about their Christian faith – and they’ve turned it into something of a side business, in addition to their LPBW duties: the two have a teaching ministry, Beating 50 Percent, devoted to helping married couples beat the 50-percent odds of divorce.

Audrey, like her father-in-law Matt, also has a merchandise line. While Matt sells products designed to help little people overcome their obstacles (Direct Access Solutions), Audrey has a clothing line, Always More, aimed at Christian women and girls.

With these things in mind, we come to the latest “controversy” surrounding Audrey and her daughter, Ember Jean. On Friday, Audrey posted an otherwise-adorable photo of herself and Ember Jean, both dressed in Always More merch. Audrey is rocking a T-shirt that reads “Always More Coffee,” while Ember Jean’s onesie reads “Always More Milk.”

It’s cute, it’s innocent, and it’s just a fun mother-daughter moment.

Or is it? As The Hollywood Gossip reported, fans (or more likely, haters) are having problems with this photo. The “problem” is that Audrey is using Ember to sell her merchandise – and by the way, that’s not really in dispute. Audrey even captions the photo by encouraging viewers to go to her shop and enter a discount code.

Me and my girl. We go together like coffee and milk. Where are my fellow coffee lovin mamas at? I just launched these tees in my shop @shopalwaysmore.

You can get get the onesie and the tee for 25% OFF when you use the code: BUNDLE at checkout.

Needless to say, not everyone is on board with Audrey using Ember to promote her business – or Audrey having a business at all.

charlene_reimer_mares Once again trying to make every dime you can. We’re VETS, maybe use your fame too help disable vet’s, ohhh wait you can’t make a profit on that.!! Nevermind it’s all about you guys.

nbr1sarakennedy Why are you always selling stuff and pushing products?

Truth be told, Audrey might very well need the money from her side businesses: in June, the couple bought a $465,000 house in Portland, as The Daily Mail reported at the time. And while the couple’s LPBW royalty checks are likely quite generous, making mortgage payments on a half-million-dollar house can’t be easy, and every little bit of extra income helps.