‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 Theory Suggests Mike Could Be Killed Off And Not Jonathan, Here’s Why

Stranger Things Season 3 may need to kill off a major character according to one popular fan theory. While Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) was initially thought to be the best candidate for the spot, turns out Mike’s (Finn Wolfhard) death may give the Netflix series the emotional punch it was missing the previous season.

Proceed with caution. Spoilers from Stranger Things Season 2 ahead.

The Duffer Brothers may need to kick up the storyline a little bit for Stranger Things Season 3. To date, the Netflix series has relatively shown the major characters, especially the kids, to be quite invincible. More so, Mike’s character has not been developed as the fans would have expected. In fact, he appeared to be pining for Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and hating Max (Sadie Sink) for the most part in Season 2. This comes as a major step down from the role he had in the previous season. So speculations are rife that Mike would actually die in the upcoming season. However, it was initially thought that Jonathan would say goodbye.

Jonathan’s death would have made a great impact on all major characters as Digital Spy initially speculated. His death would have changed the character dynamics, as well as the overall tone of Stranger Things Season 3. As the online publication pointed out, it is highly unlikely that exposing Hawkins National Laboratory, even if it’s the watered-down version, wouldn’t result in serious repercussion. The previous season failed to shed some light on this aspect. This could be addressed in the upcoming season, and this could potentially cost the life of Jonathan.

While Hawkins Laboratories could go after Nancy (Natalia Dyer) or Murray (Brett Gelman), their death wouldn’t affect as many characters as Jonathan would. For one, Jonathan’s death could prompt his little brother Will (Noah Schnapp) to go after the bad guys. This may see Will do something more than getting rescued all the time.

On the other hand, Nancy would be devastated by Jonathan’s death and would likely rekindle her relationship with Steve. In turn, this could create an inner conflict with Steve (Joe Keery), knowing that he couldn’t live up to Jonathan, dead or alive. More importantly, this would be a great character development for Joyce (Winona Ryder), who has been saving Will all this time. Grief could also lead Joyce and Hopper (David Harbour) to explore their relationship further.

However, a new Stranger Things Season 3 theory suggests that Mike’s death could be the best game-changer. As previously mentioned, Mike’s role in the previous season was a major step down from being the leader of the pack. So it wouldn’t be surprising to see less of him in the upcoming season. More importantly, his death could change Eleven in a major way. It would be fascinating to see how Millie Bobby Brown would deliver a vengeance storyline. It could also pave the way for Nancy to be more than someone else’s girlfriend if she ends up losing her brother.

However, the young actor’s outside commitments from Stranger Things could be the main reason for his character getting killed off. Digital Spy reported that Finn Wolfhard will reprise his role in IT: Chapter 2, which is due to shoot next year for its 2019 release. He has also signed up for another horror film, The Turning, which is based on Henry James’ book titled The Turn of the Screw. If these weren’t enough, his band Calpurnia has landed a record deal with Royal Mountain Records. Among the kids, he has the most commitments outside of Netflix. This could ultimately affect his role in the series.

However, these are all theories and speculations. While Stranger Things Season 3 has been confirmed, the plot remains unknown.

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