‘Dragon Ball Super’ Teases New Character In The Tournament Of Power

Dragon Ball Super recently wiped out one more universe in its Universal Survival Arc’s Tournament of Power. Universe 4 bid goodbye after losing the battle against the rest of the guys of team Universe 7 despite U4’s invisible fighters, Damon and Gamisaras. There are only 12 minutes left in the battle royal, but Goku’s team still has to prove that their home deserves to stay. Now, it seems that there is a new character coming to the series although fans remain uncertain as to who this character would be.

Recently, Japanese magazine V-Jump released its latest issue that was shared on Twitter by known Dragon Ball Super translator Todd Blankenship. He shared his translation for English-speaking fans about the card that is shown in the mag’s most recent issue of Dragon Ball Heroes. The new card says that there will be a new character joining the franchise.

While the video game Dragon Ball Heroes doesn’t necessarily predict all things that will take place in Dragon Ball Super, the game did offer a few hints of the anime’s events in the past. Fans can recall when the game first introduced Kale, a female Saiyan warrior from Universe 6. According to Blankenship, the game’s mystery fighter that’s being teased in the card is slated to appear on the anime.

“This Heroes card shows a character set to appear in the DBS anime. Well, maybe ‘shows’ is too strong a word.”

The preview of the upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Super shows team Universe 3 unveiling their final MVP fighter. What’s more is that it’s going to be a fusion between three of its warriors. According to Comic Book, the fusion will create a Megazord-type monster fighter named Aniraza. The warrior will soon fight against Goku’s team in the upcoming episode. However, there are some fans that suggest the new mystery character might be someone else.

After all, Dragon Ball Super has yet to reveal the strongest mortal warrior that has been teased long before the Tournament of Power started. Others believe that it might be Jiren The Grey, the strongest member of the Pride Troopers in Universe 11. Some fans though were skeptical about this as the muscular humanoid fighter’s description on Toei Animation only says that he levels the power of a God of Destruction.

Whis, the attendant of Universe 7, previously said that this mortal warrior is stronger than a God of Destruction, but it wasn’t clear whether this fighter is joining the Tournament of Power. Other fans also suggest that it’s possible that this fighter is from one of those four non-participating universes in the battle royal. Apparently, Dragon Ball Super has yet to answer all these questions soon.

Dragon Ball Super airs on Crunchyroll at 7:15 p.m. on Saturdays.

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