‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Carly Berates Sam For Choosing Drew, Jason Helps Twin Recover Memories

General Hospital spoilers for Monday tease total emotional chaos for Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco). Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) will share the latest information from Andre (Anthony Montgomery) with Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard).

A Clue To The Past

Previously on General Hospital, Jason learned Andrew Cain’s (Billy Miller) baseline memory is in the Christmas ornament that Andre gave Anna for safekeeping. Spoilers tease Jason will tell Sonny about it, and relay the same to his twin. General Hospital spoilers tease Jason wants Drew to have his memories back and discover more about what happened to them in the process.

In a previous conversation with Drew, Jason told his twin he did not blame him for taking over his life. They were both victims, and they need to find the person responsible for their misery. Even if recovering Drew’s memories using the disco ball doesn’t bring out the desired results, it might be better than having no memory at all. Information about the traitor might be stored somewhere in Drew’s memories and this will help in their investigation.

Jason and Sam had an emotional conversation where his former lover confessed she loved Drew and being more considerate of Drew’s feelings when the truth came to light. Sam admitted she knew Jason would come through when she asked for help. Despite everything, Jason decided to be the bigger person and focus on the investigation. General Hospital spoilers suggest he will find a way to retrieve the memories Drew lost during the experiment.

As speculated by Soap Hub, this experiment has Helena Cassadine’s stamp all over it. This seems to hint Valentin might also be involved in all of these. A lot of secrets will certainly come out when the twins extract their memories from the shiny ornament.

Carly Speaks Her Mind

General Hospital spoilers tease Carly will not be timid in the upcoming episode. Drew will have a meeting with Alexis, and she will inform him that his marriage is not valid. Everyone, including him, was convinced he was Jason Morgan. However, there will be consequences because he is actually Andrew Cain. Spoilers tease Sam will agree to marry Drew, but other people will have problems with her choice.

Carly will have a different opinion on the issue, though. General Hospital spoilers hint she will insist Sam loves Jason, not Drew. Carly believes it will be wrong for Sam to marry Drew. General Hospital spoilers tease her meddling will get on Sam’s nerves, and she will rip into Carly. Sam will tell her to mind her own business.

Ever since Carly accepted Steve Burton’s Jason to be the real one, she tried to make up for her mistakes by giving Jason everything he lost. This time, however, she will hear Sam’s thoughts on the issue. It’s bound to be a heated encounter between these two.

Coping With New Revelations

Drew finally heard the truth from Kim – Oscar is his son. The DNA test confirmed the same. Next week on General Hospital, Celeb Dirty Laundry spoilers tease Drew will make an effort to bond with his teenage son. Their first encounter did not go smoothly, and it might take time for them to get used to the idea of being a family.

If Drew will decide to get to know his son with Dr. Nero, Franco will deal with the consequences of his actions. Andre will leave Port Charles soon, and he might reveal the truth before he leaves. Either way, Liz will hear about Franco’s deception. General Hospital spoilers tease she will confront her fiancé about keeping the truth about the twins.