Chloe Chrisley Is Back On 'Chrisley Knows Best': Get The Details From Todd's Statement

Fans of Chrisley Knows Best recently noticed that Chloe Chrisley is back on the show. She is Todd and Julie's granddaughter that lives with them. Chloe hasn't been seen in a while and the fans have really missed her. Us Weekly shared a statement from Todd explaining that she is back and the family is happy with this decision.

Todd explained that Chloe is family. They are really glad that everyone gets to see her on the show. Todd said, "Chloe is our family, and we are glad that the world gets to see such a beautiful child grow, explore and come into herself so brilliantly through love and respect."

If you remember, Chloe Chrisley wasn't on the show at all during Season 4, but she was there for Season 1-3. Now she is back again. Todd claims that his son Kyle said that if Chloe was on the show then he wanted to be paid for her being on there. Todd actually is the one who raises Chloe and she lives with them. Kyle was actually threatening to sue the network so they just pulled her off the show. It seemed like the right choice for the Chrisley family.

On a recent episode, the viewers saw how Chloe comes into their room at night just like the other kids do. It had to be hard on them to film parts of this without her considering that she lives there full-time. Todd even shared in the past that Chloe asked why she wasn't on the show anymore.

Kyle has made it clear that he has moved on from his family. He used to be on the show as well, but there has been a lot of drama between Todd and Kyle and it doesn't look like they have worked those things out even though Chloe is back on the show again.

The thing is, right now Todd Chrisley isn't explaining how they were able to work it out and get Chloe on the show again. It doesn't really matter how it happened, though. The fans just love that they are getting to see her once again after such a long time. The show just didn't seem the same without her on it.

It looks like Chloe Chrisley is back for good and the fans can't wait to see more of her. Don't miss new episodes of Chrisley Knows Best on USA.