‘Lucifer’ Season 3: What Will Lucifer Do After That Epic Winter Finale Reveal? [Spoilers]

Lucifer Season 3 left with an epic reveal going into the winter finale. What does this mean for Lucifer Morningstar, and what can he do with that information?

The winter finale left off with the end to the Sinnerman. As it all came to a head, Lucifer learned that the Sinnerman wanted Lucifer to kill him. In the end, Lieutenant Pierce did the deed, and it helped the devil figure something important out. Lieutenant Pierce isn’t everything he seems. In fact, he’s an immortal and the father of murder: Cain.

Yes, Lucifer has taken a Supernatural twist, but in a slightly different way. According to Comicbook.com, killing Abel meant that God cursed Cain to walk the Earth forever, rather than Cain making the ultimate sacrifice to save his brother from a life of hell. Now Lucifer has to figure out what to do with the information of Pierce’s true identity. There’s no point threatening to tell the police force who the lieutenant really is since he can’t get people to believe he’s really the devil. That means the two really just have to work together to reach whatever their goals are.

All Cain wants is to find a way to die. He’s tired, fed up, and wants Lucifer’s help to bring an end to all this. Of course, Lucifer has some motivation since he’s fed up with being manipulated by God. Also, Lucifer wants to get rid of his wings permanently and get his devil face back.

However, this won’t stop Lucifer considering an attempt to “out” Cain. He’ll realize that nobody will believe him, but there’s no harm in trying. This could be the year that Chloe finally learns the full truth about Heaven, Earth, and Hell. She could finally learn that Lucifer has always been honest with who he really is, but that nobody has ever taken him seriously.

The only people Lucifer knows will believe him are Amenadiel, Mazikeem, and Linda. It’s likely that he will turn to them for some help in ending Cain’s curse, although they may all have their reasons not to help.

Lucifer Season 3 returns on January 1 at 8/7c on FOX with its winter premiere.

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