‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason Devastated, Danny And Jake Want To Keep Drew As Their Daddy

General Hospital spoilers tease that Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) has a rough road ahead trying to settle back into his life in Port Charles. One of the main sources of strife will reportedly be with the sons he shares with Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) and Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst). Both boys are young, and so the only dad they remember is Drew Cain (Billy Miller) and learning he’s not their “real” dad begins a heartbreaking journey for father, sons, and their displaced Uncle Drew.

Jake Broke Down Over Drew News

On Friday, December 8, GH spoilers from She Knows Soaps showed us the angst as Drew and Liz told Jake Webber (Hudson West) that he’s his uncle and not his biological father. They revealed his dad is a man that Jake doesn’t even remember. When Liz and Drew broke the news, Jake was traumatized and said, “I don’t need another dad” and then said he doesn’t want Jason to be his father. Drew was also torn apart by this talk and reassured Jake by saying he would “always be my son,” but that’s not legally true.

General Hospital spoilers promise that this was the first of two very difficult conversations with his nephews that Drew must have. Jake doesn’t want another dad, and it’s not likely that Danny will either. For Danny, it’s even stranger because his Uncle Drew is living in the same house with him and is the father of his sister Scout. This twin twist may be harder on these two boys than anyone else tied up in the situation. Drew is the only father they’ve known, so it’s been sad for fans to see this unroll.

Danny Gets The Tough News Soon

General Hospital spoilers from TV Source reveal that Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) spends time with her grandson Danny at the park, and there might be an unexpected run-in there. Danny already met Jason, but thinks that his biological father is just a “friend” of his mom’s and he has no idea of the devastating revelation coming his way that the only man he knows as his father, Drew, isn’t his daddy at all. But the big question is how much longer Sam and Drew can wait for this conversation.

With the family destined to spend time together at Christmas, Jake might spill the beans to his brother if his mom and Uncle Drew don’t do it first. This could be the cause of the General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central indicating that Sam reaches a breaking point. She loves both men, but one is her past, and one is her present. To complicate things, she’s got one kid with each, it’s time for Christmas, and that looming truth must be told to Danny before he finds out some other way.

Jason Must Get To Know His Sons

After Jake’s volatile reaction to the news that Drew’s not his daddy, General Hospital spoilers hint that Danny will have a similar response. Neither wants their lives in upheaval, and neither wants to lose Drew. He’s the only dad they can recall. Remember, Danny was still a tiny baby when Jason was shot by Cesar Faison (Anders Hove), so Drew is all he knows. Jake was “killed” when he was a toddler, then resurrected and, similarly, only has Drew in his mind as a father figure. That’s hard to overcome.

General Hospital spoilers also tease that Jason will be dealing with resistant sons who don’t want Drew to be replaced by him. Of course, since Jason was shot and kidnapped, none of this drama is his fault, but he’ll be left to clean up the mess. Not only must he forge a relationship with each of the boys, but must do so without disrespecting the role his brother Drew played in their lives the past few years. It would take a Christmas miracle for this all to work out without lots of hurt feelings on both sides.

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