Meghan Markle Put On Royal Fast Track By Queen Elizabeth, Snubs Kate Middleton & Camilla Parker Bowles?

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Meghan Markle is shocking royal observers with the speed of her acceptance into the royal family. As a result, rumors are soaring of a feud between Meghan and both Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker Bowles. But is it Queen Elizabeth who has orchestrated the situation, putting Markle on the royal fast track while snubbing Kate and Camilla?

Kate Middleton, Camilla Parker Bowles Never Earned Prestige Enjoyed By Meghan Markle Before Marriage

The Daily Mail reported that Buckingham Palace’s announcement about Meghan joining the queen for Christmas is seen as a dramatic change in attitude. While Middleton and Parker Bowles had to wait until after they were married to earn complete acceptance from the queen, Markle is already earning the privilege.

“No such invitation was extended to Kate Middleton, nor to Camilla Parker Bowles. Meghan is being fast-tracked into royal life long before her wedding.”

When Markle accompanied Prince Harry and the queen to the official Royal Household Christmas party at Windsor Castle, Harry showed that he already trusts her to know royal protocol. Meghan stole the spotlight as she walked through a crowd eager to congratulate her, stunning in a lace cocktail dress and looking “very natural,” one guest told the Daily Mail.

Prince William And Charles Join Kate And Camilla In Feeling Jealous?

At the party, Markle exchanged polite conversation while Harry watched his future wife perform with royal perfection.

“Harry showed his confidence in [Meghan Markle] by allowing her to work her part of the room alone.”

However, Christmas is seen as the ultimate test. Meghan will make history by becoming the first single partner invited to join the royal family at the traditional lunch. In contrast, although she was engaged, Kate Middleton was forced to wait until after her marriage.

Prince Harry's future wife scored an invitation to Christmas from the queen, a prestigious event that didn't include Kate Middleton or Camilla Parker Bowles until after they were wed.
Prince Harry's future wife scored an invitation to Christmas from the queen, a prestigious event that didn't include Kate Middleton or Camilla Parker Bowles until after they were wed. Featured image credit: Vaughn RidleyGetty Images for the Invictus Games Foundation

Moreover, there is even speculation among staff members that the queen may sit between Prince Harry and Markle, making Meghan’s rapid rise to royal family acceptance even more visible. The situation is thought to make Prince William experience “envy at opportunities being extended to Harry and his fiancée” that William and Kate did not enjoy, according to the Daily Mail.

Prince Charles similarly may be jealous of Prince Harry and Meghan. Until he married Camilla, Charles was forced to cope with his alleged frustration that Parker Bowles was excluded from family gatherings.

Queen Elizabeth Focusing On Favoring Meghan Markle Over Kate Middleton?

One report even claimed that in putting Meghan on the fast track, Queen Elizabeth is snubbing Kate and Camilla.


Gossip Cop investigated a report that Queen Elizabeth has been breaking royal protocol for Meghan because she prefers the actress to Kate Middleton.

“Queen Elizabeth has been ‘bending royal rules’ in an effort to ‘please’ Prince Harry because she prefers his bride-to-be over Middleton.”

Kensington Palace recently confirmed that Prince Harry and Markle would be allowed to spend Christmas with Queen Elizabeth at her private estate in Sandringham. The report claims that Meghan has been invited because Queen Elizabeth is already favoring Markle over Kate Middleton, who did not receive a similar invitation when she was engaged to Prince William.

However, although it is correct that engagements usually don’t result in coveted invitations to join the royal family for Christmas, the exception being made for Meghan may result from something other than favoritism. Instead, some are speculating that it’s symbolic of the royal family’s shift away from the Victorian protocols that have been followed. Moreover, a palace source told Gossip Cop that the tale about Queen Elizabeth favoring Markle over Middleton is “rubbish.”