PacMan Roomba Will Clean Your Floor Or Just Eat Ghosts

A team of developers, looking to prove that their Unmanned Aerial System Suite is designed for top notch guidance of airborne vehicles have taken a unique approach, turning a set of Roomba floor cleaning systems into a larger than life version of the popular game PacMan.

The system works by allowing users to view a map of the game board on a PC while controlling the PacMan character. Users are then chased by Roomba ghosts, get caught and just like the original game all of the pieces are reset. Eat a pellet and the interface turns all the ghosts blue and you can go on the attack.

It's a very strange way to play PacMan, but it's a cool proof in concept, plus people with OCD and a gaming addiction will finally be able to satiate their need to constantly clean and play video games. [Engadget]

Here's a video of the PacMan Roomba in action: