Did Josh Duggar Actually Go To ‘Rehab?’ Some Fans Think The Duggar Family Posted Evidence He Didn’t

Anna DuggarInstagram

As the holiday season approaches, many celebrities are posting about the Yuletide season on their social media, and the Duggar family is certainly no exception. The reality TV mega-family, who has stated that they celebrate Christmas “differently” by singing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus instead of decorating a tree, has been sharing holiday memories on their social media.

Yesterday, however, some fans noticed something a little bit off about the photo they shared, which pictured some of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s youngest daughters in Christmas dresses while one of their mischievous brothers pretends to throw a snowball at them.

Fans and Internet super sleuths realized that this was the year Josh Duggar was supposed to be away in his Christian oriented rehab. The eldest Duggar son was exposed in 2015 for molesting five young girls when he was a teen, four of whom being his own sisters.

A few months later, another scandal broke, citing that Josh had been perusing the Internet for women using OKCupid and Ashley Madison dating sites to successfully cheat on his long-suffering wife, Anna. It was also alleged that he had hired prostitutes as well.

In order to rectify this, Josh was sent to a “Christian rehab” center for his sex addiction, which was highly controversial at the time, as those familiar with the center stated that there were no actual psychologists on staff.

Josh Duggar was supposed to be sequestered away in the rehab center for several months. During that time, Anna Duggar lived with her in-laws and their four children in the same room as the younger Duggar daughters and the older unmarried girls.

The photo (which can be seen here) has some wondering whether Josh Duggar attended rehab at all. As most have very strict policies that govern when people can and cannot leave the premises, fans and critics found it very interesting to note that Josh had left for at least some time.

Previously, the Duggar family stated that Josh could not leave the “rehab” center, and instead Anna Duggar was going to visit him at regular intervals while he received his therapy.

So this raises the question, if Josh Duggar wasn’t actually in rehab, where was he?