The Vote Is In: ‘The Avengers’ Is The Most Overrated Film Of 2012 In A Landslide

The Avengers, the biggest movie of 2012 and the third highest grossing film of all time has been now been voted the year’s most overrated film.

Joss Whedon’s superohero epic was released in May to massive hype and substantial critical praise. It went on to earn the biggest opening weekend of all time raking in $207 million.

By the end of its crazy run The Avengers had earned $623 million at the domestic box office and $1.5 billion worldwide.

With all hype finally settled since the movie left theaters months ago, the backlash towards one of the most successful films of all time is starting. The LA Times has released the results of a reader’s pole crowning The Avengers as the most overrated film of 2012 with a landslide 85 percent of the vote.

The second most overrated film of 2012 was Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s semi-sequal to his original Alien. It earned 5 percent of the vote.

The final voting numbers were based on 2,600 votes and the LA Times does not say when the poll opened.

The dubious honor places The Avengers in company with last year’s winner, “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. That film was another massive blockbuster with a rabid fan base, but it lacked the critical praise of The Avengers.

Blockbusters weren’t the only movies LA Times readers took exception to though. Paul Thomas Andersons’ The Master earned 2 percent of the vote.

This is not the first time since its release The Avengers has been placed into a harsh light. The popular YouTube channel Honest Trailers posted this trailer for The Avengers poking fun at some glaring plotholes:

What do yo think, is this a sign audiences are beginning to grow tired with the continued onslaught of superhero movies in theaters?