Ryan Reynolds Responds To Disney’s Acquisition Of Fox In A Very Deadpool Way

Since news began circulating about Disney potentially acquiring 21st Century Fox and their movie studio, Ryan Reynolds has been staying current on the news and posting about it on social media. Each time he has made a post about the potential acquisition, the actor has hinted at what it could mean for his Deadpool character, often joking about how Disney might change the dirtier aspects of the character. At one point, Reynolds even said that maybe it was time to bring on some sexual tension between Deadpool and Mickey Mouse.

First there was the post from Ryan Reynods in which he asked what this meant for Deadpool, even going so far as to self-censor himself, which came on November 6. Then there was the Mickey Mouse post about a possible relationship between Deadpool and the Mouse, which came a month later.

Now that it seems to be official that Disney will actually go through with the acquisition of 21st Century Fox and its movie studio, Ryan Reynolds is once more weighing in on the deal using his Deadpool character in order to do so. According to E! News, Reynolds once more took to social media on December 14 in order to respond to the Disney news.

In a post on Instagram, Ryan Reynolds shared a picture of Deadpool being escorted by a security guard out of the Magic Kingdom, with his hands seemingly in cuffs behind his back. In the caption that went along with the picture, Reynolds said, “apparently you can’t actually blow the Matterhorn.”

Although Ryan Reynolds is not the only person to have questions about what this acquisition deal means for the future of Deadpool and other R-rated movies that were coming from Fox studios, it seems that Bob Iger, the chairman and CEO of Disney, had something to say about it. After the news broke, Iger said “it clearly has been—and will be—Marvel branded. But we think there might be an opportunity for a Marvel R-brand for something like Deadpool.” He did say that as long as Disney lets their audience know what to expect, then he thinks they should be able to “manage that fine.”

While this is in no way a guarantee that Deadpool and some of the other Marvel properties will be allowed to remain R-rated, it does give some hope to fans who have been worried about the future of some of their favorite characters. Plus, with Ryan Reynolds making it clear that Deadpool is still more of a troublemaker than other Marvel characters might be, it seems like the future may still include R-rated movies, even with Disney acquiring 21st Century Fox.

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