Real Reason Why Roman Reigns Will Miss ‘Raw’ Next Week Revealed


Since returning to WWE television after his viral illness, Roman Reigns has been on a great run. He’s been reunited with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins to reform The Shield and has captured the IC Title from The Miz. Over the past few weeks, he has defended the championship against stars like Elias and Cesaro to high praise from most fans. Meanwhile, Reigns is building a feud and to a huge title defense against Samoa Joe.

This week, it’s been revealed that Roman will be defending the IC Title again against John Cena during the Christmas edition of Monday Night Raw. Despite the powers that be having less than two weeks to build to that matchup, it’s been reported that Roman Reigns will miss next week’s edition of Raw from Providence, and the WWE Universe has been trying to figure out the real reason why Reigns will be missing the show.

It has been reported by Sportskeeda that WWE officials still have six weeks to build to the ‘Royal Rumble,’ which is a long time to keep building to the PPV. Since Reigns is technically feuding with Samoa Joe, WWE officials need to wait before giving their rivalry a boost heading into the Royal Rumble. As a result, Roman will be getting the night off and he will likely have some extra time to be with his family before Christmas.

Samoa Joe vs Roman Reigns Seems to Be the Plan For the Royal Rumble
'WWE officials still have to postpone a match between Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns for six weeks.'Featured image credit: WWE

Brock Lesnar’s return to Monday Night Raw is already booked for next week. The focus of the show will be on The Beast, Braun Strowman, and Kane, as the front office set the WWE Universal Title Match for the Royal Rumble PPV. The expectation is a Triple Threat Match between the three monsters is planned. On paper, it seems like a good week to give Reigns a night off before defending the IC Title against John Cena.

If there is a bigger reason for Roman’s absence next week on Raw, there will be more information over the next week. He has been on a great run since returning to WWE television, and many fans have been cutting him some slack as of late. WWE officials are planning a huge push for Reigns during WrestleMania season, so any favor he gains with the WWE Universe should be helpful heading to the grandest stage of them all.