Verizon “Misfit Island” Ad Attacks iPhone By Attacking AT&T 3G Network

I have to admit I’m loving that Verizon is finally stepping up and taking on the iPhone attachment to AT&T and what they call their lousy 3G nationwide coverage. Their commercial, released this week, shows the phone on Rudolph’s Island for Misfit Toys where it’s left because of bad 3G connections and its associate with AT&T.

Honesty, AT&T covers just about every major and even small city in the U.S., it’s just that Verizon covers the backwoods of Kentucky just as well as the big cities of Chicago and Santa Monica, which gives Verizon some nice bragging rights.

The commercial was also smart in its attacks, at no point did Verizon Wireless attack the iPhone, actually they praised it, instead poking fun at the AT&T network which really has no grounds to attack Verizon.

With Droid attacking the iPhone and this ad attacking the AT&T network, plus a bevy of low, middle and high end phones being released before Christmas, it looks like Verizon has come out of their three year long iPhone hibernation with all guns firing.

Here’s the iPhone Misfit Island commercial: