‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Could Meredith’s New Love Interest Be A Woman?

Grey’s Anatomy will return with brand new episodes in 2018, and fans are wondering whether or not Meredith will get a new love interest. Now that hunky Dr. Nathan Riggs is gone, who will Meredith’s next romance be with?

According to a Dec. 13 report by TVLine, a brand new foreign doctor was supposed to come to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in the back half of Season 14. The doctor was originally written to be a man, which could have been a potential love match for Meredith. However, Grey’s Anatomy has decided to gender swap the role, which will now be played by a woman.

TV reporter Michael Ausiello reveals that Grey’s Anatomy was originally looking to cast a 40-something actor for the role, which would have made for some interesting possible storylines between him and Meredith. However, producers decided to change the character to a female, which likely means that Meredith won’t have any more romance this season unless the writers are planning to pair her with a woman.

Twist — he is now a she! Although producers were initially looking for a forty-something actor to play the role of the new foreign doctor, I hear the character’s gender has since been changed to female. Which probably means Mer’s dance card is once again empty. Unless… you thinking what I’m thinking?” Ausiello recently reported.

Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time that Grey’s Anatomy paired two women together for a romance. Arizona Robbins and Callie Torres were a fan favorite couple for many years. The two women met and fell in love at the hospital but went their separate ways after many bumps in the road. Since then, Arizona has served as the show’s main gay character and has had a few hookups along the way, although she hasn’t had a serious relationship since her divorce from Callie.

Meanwhile, Grey’s Anatomy viewers will likely have other romances to keep their eye on. Maggie and Jackson’s awkward relationship could be ready to come to a head while April watches the father of her baby get close to another woman. Bailey and Ben will likely also have some big scenes ahead since the character of Ben is about to move over to the show’s spin-off about firefighters in Seattle. Owen has engaged in a new fling with DeLuca’s sister, and Alex and Jo are officially back together.

Grey’s Anatomy returns for the second half of Season 14 on Jan. 18.