Kim Kardashian And Her Beauty Line Cause Controversy With Open Casting Call For Women

Charley GallayGetty Images

On December 12, Kim Kardashian’s beauty line, KKW Beauty, posted an open casting call for women of all ages in the Los Angeles area. The casting call, which can be found posted to the company’s Twitter page, says that it is looking for women over the age of 18, with no limit on age. However, while Kim Kardashian and her company might not have thought there would be any issues with this particular search for the next face of KKW Beauty, it seems that there are some who are less than happy with it being women only.

According to People Magazine, beauty blogger James Charles, who was named the first-ever male CoverGirl back in 2016, took exception to the casting call and called out Kim Kardashian in a now-deleted post on Twitter. In the post, Charles tweeted to Kardashian, pointing out that “there are thousands of boys in cosmetics who love you & I’m sure would be honored to slay a photo shoot for you.” James Charles then said that he definitely found this casting call exclusion to be “disappointing.”

In a follow-up tweet, Charles said that he still looks up to Kim Kardashian, calling her both a role model and a legend. He said that he has had the opportunity to meet the reality star three times, and every time she has been not only supportive of him but also very kind. He said that it is because of who she is that he thinks that “it’s only fair that other aspiring boys in beauty have the same opportunities.”

As the Atlantic Journal Constitution reported, James Charles was not the only one upset with Kim Kardashian and the open casting call. Other men also tweeted about the casting call, questioning why KKW Beauty was only looking for women to be the face of the makeup company. One Twitter user said that James Charles, “deserved the right to try.” Another user pointed out to the company that “there would be a lot of men who are in the beauty world who would love to do this.”

While Kim Kardashian and KKW Beauty may have unintentionally found themselves at the center of a controversy over their recent casting call, she is not the only member of the Kardashian/Jenner family to find her beauty line dealing with drama. Kylie Jenner also found herself dealing with backlash this week over the price of her new cosmetic brushes.

Although James Charles has since deleted his tweet to Kim Kardashian, the other tweets about the casting call and its apparent lack of inclusion remain posted. At this time, Kardashian and KKW Beauty have not responded to the backlash.