‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Tyler Christopher Gives Fans Update, Shows Off His Very Own ‘DOOLmoji’

Earl Gibson IIIGetty Images

Days Of Our Lives spoilers teased Tyler Christopher would be arriving in Salem as a new character. He will join Louise Sorel, who is reprising the villainous role of Vivian Alamain. Although his character details are being kept under wraps, the General Hospital alum did give fans a small update. Plus, check out his very own DOOLmoji, the soap opera’s version of character emojis.

For months, fans have been wondering what kind of character Christopher will play on the NBC soap opera. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, some viewers speculated he would portray Nicholas Alamain. However, head writer Ron Carlivati quickly shot that down. He explained to Soap Opera Digest that he created this character just for Tyler.

Tyler Christopher’s first airdate is on December 29. Days Of Our Lives spoilers teased that his character, along with Vivian Alamain, would make a grand entrance. It isn’t clear how the two are connected, but Vivian is coming back with a vengeance. It will be interesting to find out if Christopher’s character will help her scheme.

On Twitter, the General Hospital alum excitedly announced that his first on-screen appearance is in just two weeks. He added that the past four months on set have been great. In previous interviews, the actor talked about how he hoped his run on Days would last for 20 years. So, it sounds like he plans on sticking around for awhile.

He also shared that he has received his very own DOOLmoji. Looking at the new emoji, it can give some insight into Tyler Christopher’s character on Days Of Our Lives. He has a little stubble, but the most interesting feature is actually in his eyes. They are narrowed as if he is glaring. This is making some fans wonder if he will play a villain on the soap opera.

A leaked script cover listed his name as “Stefan.” This made fans wonder if he would be playing another long-lost child of Stefano DiMera (formerly Joseph Mascolo). Since Ron Carlivati wants to bring the DiMera family back to the front burner, it makes sense to add a few more family members. The only way to find out for sure is for fans to keep watching the NBC soap opera.


Days Of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.