How Much Is The Duggar Family Worth?

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The Duggar family gained national attention when they first aired their show, 14 Kids and Pregnant Again! Since then, they have added five more to their brood, with the show ultimately rounding out as 19 Kids and Counting. The TLC hit was abruptly canceled in 2015 when it was learned that Josh Duggar, the eldest son, had molested five young girls when he was a teenager, including four of his own sisters.

Since the show ended, TLC kept up with the fascination for the mega family by granting them a TV show called Counting On, which focused on the older children who were getting married and having children of their own.

Jim Bob Duggar, the family’s patriarch, and his wife, Michelle, have also made money by publishing books about their family, in addition to a myriad of speaking engagements.

The family has also made money in other creative ways, including real estate and house flipping, purchasing and repairing old cars to sell, and leasing land to a cell phone tower company so that they could build a transmissions tower. The family is proud of their real estate business, saying they have been doing it for five generations now that Joe Duggar has shown an interest in it.

So, how much has all of this hustle gained the family in monetary wealth? Currently, it appears that the Duggar patriarch and his wife are worth $3.5 million, which is a lot for two people who are not college educated.

This figure, however, doesn’t factor in how much the adult children are paid or how much they are worth. For instance, the four eldest Duggar daughters wrote a book entitled Growing Up Duggar that is still currently selling well. They also likely receive a salary for appearing on the show, and at one point, it was rumored that Jinger Duggar alone was worth over $2 million.

The elder Duggar daughters also cash in during occasional speaking engagements. Jessa Duggar Seewald, for example, spoke about Christian modesty in 2017, though many fans questioned whether or not the outfits she wears are actually all that modest.

Some of the Duggar sons, like Joe Duggar, mentioned above, have expressed interest in doing something aside from being on reality TV.