‘Alaskan Bush People’: Rain Brown Says She ‘Wouldn’t Mind Filming’ Another Season, ‘Can’t’ Update On Season 8

Rain Brown Instagram

Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown took to social media on Wednesday to reveal that she “wouldn’t mind filming” another new season of her family’s long-running reality TV series. The 15-year-old reality TV personality and part-time audio technician took the time to reply back to one of her followers who asked if the show was coming back. The ongoing discussion about a possible new season started on a post on Rain Brown’s Instagram account about taking a coffee break from A2.

Wednesday night’s Instagram post certainly wasn’t the first time that Rain Brown talked about coffee and how coffee “makes everything better.” However, Rain’s last coffee post from two weeks ago ended with her followers debating her short haircuts. Rain Brown’s latest coffee post shows Billy and Ami Brown’s youngest daughter taking a “coffee break,” or Rain clarifies that, in her case, she’s taking a green tea break.

Somehow, Rain’s post about coffee and green tea on Wednesday changed direction, with fans asking if Alaskan Bush People is returning to the Discovery Channel on Friday. After one follower, who’s obviously a fan of ABP, asked if the show was coming back, Rain Brown replied that she “can’t say,” adding that she definitely “wouldn’t mind filming another season.” Rain’s comment back to follower @shewalksathinblueline set off a discussion about when and if Alaskan Bush People might return to the small screen.

Rain Brown’s followers “hope” there will be another new season of Alaskan Bush People, but Monsters & Critics wrote that Rain’s comment on Wednesday’s Instagram post “has left fans guessing” about an upcoming Season 8. Even after rumors started circulating back in October that the Brown family’s short trip to Colorado was for the filming of another new season, Rain’s comment certainly didn’t confirm those rumors. However, it’s since been learned that the Browns had been in Colorado for the filming of the upcoming 2017 Alaskan Bush People Christmas special, called Home Away For The Holidays.

One of Rain Brown’s Instagram followers asked if it was true that Alaskan Bush People is coming back on TV on Friday for a new Christmas special. Another fan commented that “another season would be awesome,” and Monsters & Critics shared in October, in response to rumors of filming for Season 8, that the production company behind Alaskan Bush People, Park Slope Productions, has the show “in its eighth season” on their website. In fact, Park Slope has this Friday’s Christmas special as the “season opener” episode on the Colorado Bush People Facebook page.

According to the description of Episode 1 of Season 8 of Alaskan Bush People, the Brown family will reminisce about past “Christmas memories in Alaska.” The Brown family left the Alaskan Bush after mom Ami Brown received a late-stage lung cancer diagnosis earlier this year. They have been living in California with Ami as she continues treatment for Stage 4 lung cancer. However, the last new season of Alaskan Bush People showed the Brown family packing up Browntown in Alaska to relocate their homestead to Colorado, and Park Slope shows that the next new season will be filmed in Durango, Colorado.