Robbie Williams Latest Health Scare Left Him In ICU, Reveals Real Reason Behind Cancelled Tour

Shirlaine ForrestGetty Images

Robbie Williams alarmed fans when had to cancel the Russian leg of his Heavy Entertainment Show tour in September due to a grave illness. Blaming slip disc at that time, it was revealed in a recent interview that an abnormality in his brain caused him seven days in intensive care unit (ICU).

Robbie Williams sat down with The Sun for a dramatic interview about what really happened behind his cancelled European tour in September. The Angels singer revealed that he was forced to stay in the ICU for seven days after they found what looked like blood on his brain. As a result, he had to cancel the final two European tours dates of his massive Heavy Entertainment Show.

This all started while he was backstage at a stadium in Zurich on September 2. Right before going on stage, the 43-year-old singer described feeling numb on his left arm right. He went on to say that he couldn’t stop dribbling out of the side of his mouth. He described feeling out of breath while battling a headache. A doctor was immediately called in to check him up. At that time he received clearance to continue the show not knowing how serious his situation was.

When the show ended, his left arm still felt numb and his mouth was still dribbling. Terrified but determined to continue the final leg of his European tour, he flew to London to do some emergency tests. After various scans and blood tests, abnormalities were found in his brain. Eventually, he had to follow orders and he was sent straight to ICU.


During his hospitalization, the former Take That singer’s wife Ayda Field was in the U.S. together with their two children. Alone in the ICU, he admitted feeling confused and scared at the same time. However, he commended the 24-hour care he received during his latest health scare.

After seven days and a final brain scan, he was given permission to go home to L.A. to recuperate. The doctors told him not to do anything stressful for a few weeks. Until now, the Rock DJ singer is still making his way to full recovery.


The terrifying ordeal was a wake-up call for Williams to take care of his body and mind better. So he started a vegan diet, yoga and Pilates. He also revealed that he had practiced meditating, which is something that could help him manage his anxiety.

More importantly, the latest health scare made him realize that he is not invincible. While he had been through dark times before, he said it’s hard to battle things when you’re not getting any younger.