‘GTA Online: The Doomsday Heist:’ Here’s The Latest Update’s 13 Unreleased DLC Vehicles

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GTA Online gamers were introduced to a whole slew of automobiles in Rockstar’s Doomsday Heist update. After all, it wouldn’t be Grand Theft Auto without the game’s epic vehicles. However, the game developer kept a few cars under wraps. Recently, a YouTuber spoiled Rockstar’s surprise automobiles to GTA players.

The unreleased vehicles which will be unveiled sporadically throughout the next couple weeks or months, explained MrBossFTW on his YouTube channel. In his video, MrBossFTW discussed the price and other details of Rockstar’s thirteen unreleased vehicles in the GTA Online: Doomsday Heist update, reported Player.One.

Overflod Autarch

The Autarch is a supercar and will be the first out of the thirteen unreleased vehicles to be released. It will cost players around GTA$1.9 million.

Based on the comments section of MrBossFTW’s video, GTA fans believe the Autarch appears to based on a car design by Hot Wheels, particularly the Super Blitzen, commented TheBlazingPony99. However, Daniel Rankin argued that the Autarch looked more like a Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG 003 supercar.

Pfister Comet SR

The Comet SR is a sports car and appears to be an upgraded version of the Comet already in the game. It will cost players a whopping GTA$1.1 million and will be released by Legendary Motorsport. According to TheBlazingPony99, the comet SR appears to be similar to the Porsche 911 GT3/GT2 RS.

Grotti GT500

The Grotti is a classic sports car, one of a few that appear on this list. MrBossFTW suggested in his video that it is based on the Ferrari JB700. However, ThatBlazingPony99 believes it resembles the Ferrari 250 GTO or another old Ferrari more. The Grotti is a bit affordable at GTA$785,000. It will be available at Legendary Motorsport.

Albany Hermes

The Hermes is the first muscle car on this list. According to TheBlazingPony99, the Hermes is reminiscent of the Hudson Hornet. MrBoss believes the last time this automobile was released was in Vice City or San Andreas. It is priced relatively low at GTA$535,000. Southern San Andreas Super Autos will release the Hermes.

Vapid Hustler

The Hustler is another muscle car and will be released by Legendary Motorsport. Like the Hermes, it is affordable at GTA$625,000. TheBlazingPony99 believes the Hustler is based on Ford’s three-window coupe, a classic hot rod.

Canis Kamacho

The Kamacho is an off-road pick-up truck that will be released by Southern San Andreas Super Autos for GTA$345,000. Hellcat suggested in a comment on MrBossFTW’s video that the Kamacho’s design is based on the Jeep Crew Chief 715.


The Neon is another sports vehicle which appears to resemble a Porsche. TheBlazingPony99 believes it is similar to the Porsche Panamera or Mission-E. With the similarity comes a Porsche-esque price tag of GTA$1.5 million. It will be released by Legendary Motorsport.

Ubermacht Revolter

The Revolter is the fist of two Ubermacht vehicles on this list. MrBossFTW described this automobile as a four-door sports vehicle. It will be released by Legendary Motorsport for GTA$1.6 million. TheBlazingPony99 suggested the Revolter looks like a German luxury barge, but DeMaNd MONkEY argued that it is based on a Cadillac because of its rear lights.

Annis Savestra

Legendary Motorsport will release this vehicle for just under a million bucks at GTA$990,000. The Savestra appears to based on an old-school Nissan, according to MrBoss. TheBlazing99 agreed and commented that it resembles the Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R. Another commenter, Christian Bedwell, had the same thoughts on the vehicle but suggested that it was more influenced by a Mazda RX3 and only borrowed a little from Nissan’s 2000 GT-R design.

However, Brodie Smith commented that the Savestra looked more like a Nissan 240z or 250z. Meanwhile, Thatritkung disagreed with the idea that it is based on a Nissan altogether. This commenter suggested that the Savestra is based on the Corolla TE27 Levin.


Ubermacht Sentinel Classic

This Ubermacht is a two-door sports vehicle. TheBlazing99 suggested that this Ubermacht is similar to the BMW E30 M3 automobile. It will be released by the Southern San Andreas Super Auto company for GTA$650,000.

Benefactor Streighter

The Benefactor appears to resemble a concept vehicle by Mercedes engineers called the Mercedes-Benz E400 All-Terrain 4X4^2, suggested TheBlazing99. MrBossFTW shared the same thoughts and described the vehicle as some sort of Mercedes SUV. The Benefactor will be released by the Southern San Andreas company for GTA$500,000.

Lampadati Viseris

The Viseris is another classic sports car that will be released by Legendary Motors for GTA$875,000. TheBlazingPony99 suggested that it seemed based on the DeTomaso Pantera but could not possibly be a Lamborghini. However, Cptn. Wolfe disagreed and commented that the Viseris could be a Lamborghini Jalpa.

Karin 190Z

The Karin is yet another classic sports car to be released by Legendary Motors for GTA$900,000. According to TheBlazingPony99, the Karin seems to be a cross between to a Nissan and Datsun 240Z. Meanwhile, Christian Bedwell believes it is part Datsun 240Z and part Toyota 2000GT.

The Doomsday Heist update is said to have unleashed the most amount of content for the online game so far. According to GameSpot, the new heist unveiled some fun new items besides automobiles, including new weapons, clothes, and tech—like a Mammoth Thruster jetpack and a turreted aircraft named The Avenger.