Who Got Voted Off ‘Survivor’ Season 35 Tonight? Week 12 Results


A spot in the Survivor finale was up for grabs tonight on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. The pressure was on and alliances were tested, as castaways on Survivor started to make their final three plans, but who got voted off Survivor Season 35 tonight? Find out the Survivor results from tonight below.

Last week on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, there was major drama at tribal council. The castaways were talking amongst themselves and still trying to figure out who they were going to vote out. Lauren went in with her secret advantage, which allowed her to vote a second time. She also found a hidden immunity idol, so she thought she was sitting pretty. However, Ben was on a mission to get her out. The other members of their alliance found out, so Ben became the new target and all six of the other castaways voted for him. He surprised them all by playing a hidden immunity idol, so their votes were all thrown out. Ben’s vote was the only one that counted, so Lauren was voted off.

The night kicked off with the castaways getting back to camp. They were still in shock over Ben pulling out that hidden immunity idol. They said he had to go home next, but Ben was on a mission to find another idol.

At the reward challenge, they played in pairs and it was Devon and Chrissy winning. They won a trip to get some seafood and spend the night away from camp and were able to take one other person with them, so they chose Ryan. This ticked off both Ashley and Mike on Survivor Season 35.


Immunity Challange

At the immunity challenge, they had to race through a series of obstacles before finally working on a puzzle. The first castaway to raise their flag would win immunity and be safe at tribal council. This was a close one, as they were all working on the puzzle at the end and it was anyone’s win. In the end, Chrissy got the puzzle done first and won immunity.


Tribal Council

Heading into tribal council, things seemed to be torn between Ashley, Ben, or Mike getting the votes tonight. The talks at tribal all seemed to be the same, as the castaways were talking about the final three. While it was unclear, things cleared up when Ben played another hidden immunity idol, which he found just before tribal council. He played it before the vote, so the castaways were scrambling again.


The castaways all voted and it was another blindside, as Ashley was voted off Survivor tonight and was not happy when she left.