'Celebrity Big Brother' Spoilers: 7 New Casting Rumors For 'CBBUS' Leaked On Social Media

Celebrity Big Brother casting spoilers are heating up, but there are no confirmations yet. In late November, another CBBUS casting rumor teased that Jersey Shore's Sammi Sweetheart might be in the reality lockdown show and now another seven names leaked on social media of potential houseguests for the upcoming special season of Big Brother on CBS. Here is the latest list of possibilities seeking a win in the celebrity Big Brother house come February.

Dennis Rodman

The first Big Brother Celebrity Edition casting rumor in this round is the 56-year-old ex-NBA star and friend of North Korea's Kim Jong-un who is no stranger to reality television. Dennis Rodman competed on The Apprentice in 2013 and was ultimately fired by Donald Trump.

Rodman's other two experiments in reality TV were darker, with a run on Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew and follow-up show, Sober House. Rodman, no doubt, has some stories to tell after a brief marriage to Carmen Electra and some wild nights with Madonna decades ago. A source on Reddit reported that CBS contacted Rodman, but nothing is confirmed yet.

Gary Busey

Another candidate for the Big Brother celebrity house, according to the same Reddit report, is the erratic Gary Busey. The former best actor Oscar nominee has a long history of reality TV under his belt starting with Celebrity Fit Club, followed by Celebrity Paranormal Project in the mid-2000s.

Like Rodman, he also did a turn on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew and The Apprentice. Where Busey stands apart is that he won U.K. Celebrity Big Brother House in 2014 so he knows the dynamics of being locked in a house with cameras and egos 24/7. This casting seems very realistic given Busey's willingness to do these sorts of shows and he could become a two-time CBB champ!

Perez Hilton

The rumored third name on the Reddit insider's list is celeb blogger Perez Hilton, and if the rumor is true and CBS reached out to him, this should be a lock if the network can meet the money demands. Perez posted a chatty video in his hot tub, pitching himself to Big Brother as a potential houseguest.

Hilton also spent time on the U.K. version of celeb Big Brother and gained a notorious following there for creating drama and trouble. The blogger recently wrapped a turn on another show, Worst Cooks in America, hosted by Rachael Ray, with the usual celebrity reality show suspects as co-competitors.

Chad Ochocinco

Former pro athlete Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson is another on the list of rumored names for Big Brother, Celebrity Edition and the skilled football star also has reality TV in his past. In 2010, Ochocinco twirled on the boards of Dancing with the Stars, dancing into fourth place, but missing the mirror ball trophy.

The former Cincinnati Bengals WR had a talk show, The T. Ocho Show, where he chatted gridiron gossip with Terrell Owens and Kevin Frazier. Earlier this year, Ochocinco competed on Big Star Little Star with his daughter. Aside from that, he's not done as much reality TV as the other rumored houseguests.

Bam Margera

Skateboarder Bam Margera is best known for Jackass and associated spin-offs of stunts and abuse. He starred in all the Jackass movies. He starred with his family in the MTV spin-off Viva La Bam and then Bam's Unholy Union with his fiance, Missy Rothstein, about their wedding.

Bam also guest hosted on Punk'd, also on MTV, and Bam's Bad Ass Game Show. Most recently, Margera appeared on VH1's Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn. Bam's a veteran at reality TV, but not competition shows like Big Brother. But given his Jackass fearlessness, he could be a fierce competitor.

Sebastian Bach

Sebastian Bach was the lead singer of metal band Skid Row, which was prominent in the early 90s. The powerhouse singer spent time performing in Broadway musicals, including Jesus Christ Superstar and Jekyll and Hyde.

Bach has also done some time on reality TV including SuperGroup, on VH1 where a group of rockers shared a house for 12 days while planning, and then performing a live show. He also did Gone Country, a competition show based on chasing country music fame. Bach is also an alumnus of Celebrity Fit Club in 2010. He seems a likely prospect given his IMDB resume.

Draya Michele

Finally, another attentive Redditor reported that Draya Michele posted a pic of herself at CBS Studio Center earlier today. The Wilhelmina model refers to herself as a model, designer, and actress. Her sole foray into reality TV was in 2011 on Basketball Wives LA where she generated plenty of controversy. The one photo of Draya at CBS doesn't elevate it to even a BB casting rumor, but is still of interest.

While fans of the intrusive reality show await the celeb cast list, at least CBS released the full schedule for Big Brother, Celebrity Edition. The days differ from the usual Big Brother schedule for competitions and evictions, so be careful with your recording schedule. Check back soon for more Celebrity Big Brother spoilers and news.