‘Metal Gear Survive’ Beta Scheduled For January 2018 On PS4 And Xbox One


Anyone interested in trying out Metal Gear Survive can get a preview of the game during the multiplayer open beta, which is set to begin Thursday, January 18, 2018, on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is scheduled to end on Sunday, January 21. Although Metal Gear Survive is also set to release on PC via Steam when the full game releases on February 20, 2018, only a console beta has been announced at this time.

By participating in the beta, players can earn a couple bonus items for use in the full game upon its release. Those free gifts include a bandana accessory, a “Metal Gear REX Head” accessory, and a “Fox Hound” name plate.

According to the publisher, the Metal Gear Survive beta will give console gamers an opportunity to try out the multiplayer co-op portion of the game. The mode tasks players with building up their defenses and fighting alongside their friends as they strive to survive against hoards of enemies. It is a “new style of Metal Gear,” with the gameplay departing from the cinematic games of the series directed by lauded game designer Hideo Kojima.


The game’s setting and concept, though, are still rooted in the Metal Gear franchise. Game producer Yuji Korekado calls Survive “a spin-off episode of Metal Gear Solid V.” The storyline takes place toward the end of the events of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, and in a turn of events players end up going through a wormhole. This strange new world features harsh elements, scarce resources, and hostile enemies. Returning home is the end goal, but players must do what they can to survive until they can make the return trip. In a new video released by Konami, Korekado shares some initial cinematic sequences and scenes that show a little bit of what this all looks like for the first time.

In addition to getting a first look at the campaign, some of the survival-focused gameplay and the new base camp are shown as well. See the complete introduction to the campaign in the following video.