Princess Diana’s Biographer Writing Tell-All About Meghan Markle: What Revelations Will He Uncover?

Chris Jackson Getty Images

Meghan Markle has yet to walk down the aisle of St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Palace and say “I do” to Prince Harry, but already Andrew Morton, Princess Diana’s famed biographer, is publishing a book all about the former Suits actress. Why has this notorious biographer chosen to focus on Meghan, and when will this highly anticipated book be released?

Andrew Morton took to Twitter on December 8 to announce that he is working on the biography of American actress Meghan Markle. Known for his infamous Princess Diana book, Diana: Her True Story, clearly, the famed author finds Prince Harry’s fiancée full of charm.

“Excited to be writing Meghan Markle’s story. She has bags of charisma. A royal star who will have tremendous impact on royal family and wider world.”

The upcoming book, Meghan: A Hollywood Princess is due to be released on April 19, 2018. This is a month before Harry and Meghan are to be married.

According to The Bookseller, Morton has been a longtime fan of Markle, and has even giving her a sparkling nickname!

“I was a fan of Meghan’s long before she met Prince Harry. She has star quality, what some have called ‘the Markle Sparkle.'”

Morton considers her a breath of fresh air. He is clearly smitten with Meghan Markle’s warmth and how she affectionately interacts with Prince Harry. He also hints that Meghan and Harry have the spark that was lacking in the ill fated marriage of Diana and Charles. He is clearly her number one fan.

“Confident, groomed and camera ready, she is a dramatic contrast to the blushing, coy royal brides of recent history. The warmth and affection Meghan and Harry displayed during their engagement interview is light years away from the stilted ‘whatever love means’ conversation with Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer in 1981.”

Many royal followers may consider Princess Diana the biggest rebel in the royal family, so it seems fitting that her son would marry someone who represents great “transformation” in the royal family.

Morton told Good Morning Britain that Meghan Markle symbolizes the future. There is finally real change in the very rigid, tradition-rich royal family.

“I think the Royal Family have given up on the official rule book. With Meghan, you’ve got someone who symbolizes the transformation of the royal family and represents a modern Britain.”

Almost 30 years ago, Princess Diana secretly spoke to Morton, shocking the world with her revelations. She confessed her suicide attempts, struggles with bulimia, and chronicled how Camilla Parker-Bowles destroyed her marriage to Prince Charles, filling over seven hours of tape. At the time the book was published, no one knew she was his secret source, but he revealed this to be true after her death 20 years ago.

Yet, while Diana spoke to Morton, it does not appear that Meghan is speaking directly to the author. He has not yet revealed who his sources are and what he has uncovered already.


According to the Daily Mail, Morton now lives in California, in a drivable location, quite close to where Meghan grew up. This should certainly help him gather up some firsthand information.

The publication does not indicate whether Morton has dug up some juicy sources. It is assumed that he has gathered information from friends and relations of Harry’s future bride.

Meghan fever has hit Great Britain since the Palace made the official engagement announcement between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. In their first interview, royal watchers were glued to the television, listening to the story of how Prince Harry proposed over roasted chicken, and how the cozy couple related to each other. Morton’s book will certainly be a must for those who want to know more about the sparkle of Meghan Markle, and keep them occupied while waiting for their Windsor Castle wedding in May.