Jacqueline Laurita Links Danielle Staub To Porn, Drug Use And Racism

Jacqueline Laurita apparently still has an ax to grind with Danielle Staub. A few days ago, Jacqueline, who starred on The Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s first two seasons with Danielle and most recently was on the show last season, tweeted some very damaging claims about Danielle.

It all started when a blog site posted a tweet to an article on its site that paints Danielle in an unfavorable light, reminding viewers that there’s a book out there about Danielle that claims that she, as a young woman who went by the name Beverly Ann Merrill, was involved in prostitution and drug dealing.

One viewer spoke up in defense of Danielle, tweeting that everyone has a past and shouldn’t be judged for it, The viewer also stated that it’s what people do now with their lives that matter. In response to that viewer, Jacqueline posted a tweet that made it clear that she doesn’t think Danielle has changed all that much. According to Jacqueline, Danielle’s more recent activities include porn, which can be viewed on a porn website, and a racist rant.

While some people cheered on Jacqueline Laurita for her tweet, she also received a lot of criticism. People told Jacqueline that she was jealous of Danielle Staub for returning to the show and now being a fan favorite. Others said that Jacqueline was just trying to stay relevant. Some people simply told Jacqueline that she should stop such immature behavior and was not setting a good example for her children on how to behave.

Yet Jacqueline didn’t stop. She later posted a tweet that repeated her sister-in-law and former The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo’s famous saying about Danielle, that “you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.”

Jacqueline later shared and responded to another tweet that claimed that Danielle recently used cocaine, Oxycontin and weed. “Absolutely Horrifying!” Jacqueline wrote, clearly indicating that she believes it to be true.

On tonight’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey episode, viewers will see Danielle join the rest of the New Jersey housewives, Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, Siggy Flicker, Dolores Catania and Margaret Josephs on a trip to Milan. Apparently, viewers will also see Danielle get heated with Siggy while on the trip, for one preview clip shows Teresa, Melissa, Dolores and Margaret enjoying a walking tour of Milan and when the tour guide asks where the other two women are, the housewives admit that there was a fight the night prior.

Siggy and Dolores were introduced to viewers last season as good friends to Jacqueline. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jacqueline has stated that she, despite no longer being on the show and Siggy and Dolores refusing to side with her against Teresa last season, is still friends with both Siggy and Dolores.

So far this season, Danielle Staub has had a lot of conflict with Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania. Danielle in particular has feuded with Dolores over Danielle claiming that Dolores once told her that all Teresa Giudice cares about is money, something that Dolores vehemently dies. Perhaps Jacqueline Laurita is going hard after Danielle now because she’s furious for her friends Siggy and Dolores?

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