‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Season 3: Official Posters Just Appeared In Japan, Fans Still Have Reservations

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 is slated to be released next year. With the third season’s premiere nearing, Studio Pierrot has started promoting the anime. The first promos were recently spotted in Japan.

Recently, a tweet surfaced which revealed Studio Pierrot’s first promotional posters for Tokyo Ghoul Season 3. According to Comicbook, the posters were displayed at Kaihinmakuhari Station in Japan.

There was a poster for each new character who will presumably be fighting alongside Kaneki—otherwise known as Haise Sasaki in this next arc—while he is working with CCG investigators. There is also one promo poster which features all of them together with Kaneki/Sasaki dead center.

The Twitter page that tweeted the promo posters reveals a bit more about where Season 3 of the anime will pick up. Based on the Twitter page’s profile picture and pinned tweet from Oct. 5, it’s highly likely that Studio Pierrot has decided to revisit the manga’s plot.

It is evident in the profile picture and pinned tweet that Sasaki will make an appearance in the third season of Tokyo Ghoul. For non-manga readers, Sasaki and Kaneki are the same people. Sasaki is the name Kaneki adopts when he loses his memory after his fights with the supposedly invincible CCG investigator, Kisho Arima. Since Sasaki seems to be present next season, it is probably safe to assume that he will be working for CCG, especially since in the Twitter page’s profile picture, a CCG case is right next to the character.

Tokyo Ghoul fans were frustrated at Studio Pierrot for not following the manga in the anime version’s second season. It would seem that the anime studio took several liberties which majority of the manga’s fanbase believe left no room for Tokyo Ghoul: re.

“I really hope they make a few episodes which will tie loose ends from season 1 and Root A to make the transition more fluent,” commented u/adinan89 in a discussion thread on the official subreddit dedicated to the anime.

“If they decide to adapt the manga this time faithfully, there will be a lot of plot points [viewers] won’t understand because Root A and the first season did not establish [them]. [There were] many deaths that occurred that didn’t occur in the manga and many important details that eventually become larger plot points,” commented u/Bananapuncher1234 in the same thread.

Early promos for the anime’s third season may lead some to believe that the studio will now be faithful to the original storyline. However, loyal anime fans know that Studio Pierrot does not have a good track record when it comes to sticking to the manga’s plot. Case in point: Naruto.

“…I’m always skeptical when it comes to Studio Pierrot. With luck this time they actually follow story-line of manga…” wrote u/IHateMondaysxl in a different thread on the Tokyo Ghoul subreddit. In the thread, many were discussing the possible success or failure of the third season.

“I will watch it and probably enjoy some of it because anything TG related I would enjoy, but Pierrot have proven many times they are incapable of good pacing they either drag it horribly with filler or rush so fast they skip huge amounts of vital information and plot,” commented u/Tiny_Tempest in the same thread.

Some anime fans, however believe that Studio Pierrot can make decent adaptations. For instance, Akatsuki no Yona and GTO were well-received. Then, of course, there is Tokyo Ghoul Season 1, which was received fairly well by anime fans.

Either way, fans of Tokyo Ghoul—both anime and manga versions—will just have to wait until the upcoming animated adaptation is released next year to see how Studio Pierrot handles the third season.


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