The ‘Outdaughtered’ Quintuplets See Snow For The First Time, Watch The Busby Girls React [Video]


The Busby Quintuplets from the popular TLC show, Outdaughtered, got to see snow for the first time, and the video of the event is the most adorable thing you will ever watch.

As InTouchWeekly reports, the weather has been rather fickle when it comes to the Busbys. The family makes their home in Houston, Texas, and as you know, Houston suffered mightily when Hurricane Harvey came through town. The family made it through relatively unscathed, although Danielle’s mother, MiMi, didn’t fare so well, with her home having been basically destroyed by the floodwaters, as Danielle told Country Living at the time.

Just this past week, Houston got another headline-making weather event when it snowed! A rare dusting of the white stuff blanketed the city, and Houstonians got a chance to see the snow for themselves. And for the Busby girls – six-year-old big sister, Blayke, and two-year-old quintuplets Ava, Olivia, Riley, Hazel, and Parker – it was their first time ever seeing a snowfall.

Dad Adam, Mom Danielle, and Grandma MiMi were all there to witness the event. And in the video, which you can see below, the little girls’ reactions are nothing short of priceless. Even though the accumulation was little more than enough to cover the windshields on the families’ vehicles, to the girls, it was a Winter Wonderland.

In case you were wondering, snow isn’t unheard-of in Houston. As KTRK reports, the city has seen 35 snowfalls since people started keeping official records of these things following a devastating 1895 blizzard. Now, if you’re like this writer and have lived the better part of your life in the Midwest (or another place with snow every winter), 35 snowfalls over the course of a century seems like much ado about nothing. But to people more accustomed to palm trees and sunny days, snowfall is a rare occurrence indeed.

Prior to last week, the most recent snowfall in Houston occurred in 2009, when a whole inch fell on the city.

Unfortunately for the younger Busby girls, it’s unlikely that they’ll remember their first snowfall once they get older. But other people are teenagers or adults the first time they see snow, and their reactions are amusing. Consider the writer of the blog The Odyssey, who, on their first time seeing snow, wondered if they were going to freeze to death, wondered where all of the squirrels go, and can you eat the white stuff?

As far as the Outdaughtered family goes, although there has been no official confirmation that the show is returning to the TLC lineup, rumors have been swirling that camera crews have been seen near the family, so it looks like the show may return for another season. Stay tuned!