Tiny Harris Solo Career Post-Xscape Reunion Tour: Why She’s Leaving The Group

Paras GriffinGetty Images

Tiny Harris has plans to take on a solo career if things with Xscape don’t end up working out the way she had hoped.

The girls are having the time of their lives being back on stage and performing to tens of thousands of fans per show, but it goes without saying that there’s also been a lot of drama behind the scenes that hasn’t been brought to the brightest light.

Supposedly, there’s still tension in the band on Kandi Burruss’ side, who has already made it known that once the tour comes to an end, she’s moving on with her life and prepares for her role in the Chicago musical.

This would leave Tamika Scott, LaTocha Scott, and Tiny to carry on with the Xscape legacy on their own, and apparently, Harris just doesn’t like how things have been shaping out without their fourth member in the group.

Tiny Harris has already recorded some material with Tamika and LaTocha, and they actually plan on promoting it from next year, but they aren’t giving themselves too much workload because they want to see whether this could even work out.

Tiny Harris being back on the road has made her the happiest she’s been in a very long time. She loves being able to travel with her kids and performing to her fans in multiple different cities.

The 42-year-old had spent so many of her years being at home and taking care of T.I.’s businesses that she somewhat seemed to have forgotten about her own career.

With that said, Tiny Harris is definitely taking matters into her own hands this time. She definitely wants to continue singing and performing, and should it turn out that things with the remaining Xscape members don’t work out, Tiny will go solo.

Music is her first passion, and now that she sees how many people are still supporting her and the Xscape brand, it’s assured her enough that she still stands to get back into the music industry and solidify her position if she wanted to become a solo artist.

Of course, whether T.I. would be happy to have his wife continue traveling the world to pursue her music dreams is another question.