‘The Voice’ Faces More ‘Rigged’ Allegations After Noah Mac’s Elimination

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The Voice is once again facing allegations from fans claiming that the voting system is somehow “rigged.” After last night’s (December 12) show saw both Noah Mac of Team Jennifer Hudson and Adam Cunningham of Team Adam Levine eliminated during the instant save, fans flocked to social media to claim the system was unfair.

Viewers lashed out at the NBC series after noting that the hashtag #VoiceSaveNoah was the only one to trend on Twitter during the instant save portion of the show (which lets fans vote then and there for who they want to save) though he still didn’t make it through to next week’s finale.

A number of fans called out the series alongside screen shots of the hashtag trending on social media, as well as posting screen shots of the response to The Voice’s tweet in support of Noah, which at one point appeared to have thousands more retweets than #VoiceSaveAdam for Adam Cunningham or #VoiceSaveRed for Red Marlow.

Many even described the show or the voting system as being “rigged” after Red made it through to the final, just one week after some fans made the same claim after seeing all three members of Blake Shelton’s team sail through to the semi-finals.

The Voice just lost [a] 14 [season] fan. Voting system needs to be changed. #rigged #thevoice,” tweeted one angry fan after watching Noah sent home. “This makes me so mad. Noah should be in the finale! After all, he had more votes AND ISNT THAT WHAT DETERMINES IT #rigged #thevoice,” added another.


“NONE OF THIS ADDS UP!!! It’s rigged can’t tell me it’s not LOL. #thevoice #voicesavenoah #rt #fake #rigged #bye #LOL,” tweeted another disgruntled viewer of the latest results, while a fourth said of seeing Noah eliminated, “HOW DID NOAH NOT ADVANCE THIS IS BULLS***, I WANT A RECOUNT?!?!? #TheVoice #NoahSingsLikeAnAngel #rigged.”

While there’s no proof that The Voice or its voting system is actually in any way rigged despite fans’ comments about the instant save vote, just last week, viewers made similar allegations against the show.

After seeing the December 6 results, a slew of social media users called out the series by claiming it was “rigged” to somehow help Blake – who’s won five out the past 13 seasons – win once again.

Several fans put the show on blast after seeing all of Shelton’s team members make it through to the recently aired semi-final, claiming that the acts who went home deserved at least one of the places held by Team Blake.

But while Shelton didn’t lose any acts last week, his trio is now down to a duo as Team Blake’s Keisha Renee was also sent home after landing in the bottom two on December 12.

Team Jennifer’s Davon Fleming was also eliminated during the Tuesday night episode of The Voice, which leaves Jennifer without any acts as the Season 13 heads into the finale next week after both Davon and Noah were sent home.

'The Voice' is being hit with 'rigged' allegations again
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Adam is still in the running to win Season 13 of The Voice with his final act Addison Agen, while fellow coach Miley Cyrus is taking Brooke Simpson into the final.

Blake has the best chance to win the competition again, as he’s heading into the final with both Red and Chloe Kohanski.

The Voice’s Season 13 two-night finale is set to air on NBC on December 18 and 19.