Michael C. Hall Is Not Ruling Out ‘Dexter’ Season 9

Ever since Showtime aired Dexter’s disappointing Season 8 finale, fans have been crying and begging for the show to return. After the finale aired, Michael C. Hall, the actor who plays Dexter Morgan, claimed he never wanted to return to the role. Now, almost five years later, Hall has changed his stance against coming back, teasing that the show will return eventually.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Michael disclosed that he isn’t ruling out a Dexter reboot. In fact, he believes it will happen at some point. However, he isn’t sure if now is the time for the show to come back, but he is “in talks” with Showtime for the right time to resurrect the show.

“I don’t think it’s quite time. But it’s a conversation that continues at its own pace.”

While his response won’t appease all of Dexter’s fans, it is reassuring to hear that he is interested in coming back at some point. Many of the show’s fans believe it needs to return, for no other reason than to correct the ending of series.

In the finale episode, Dexter took his sister, Debra (Jennifer Carpenter), on his boat during a hurricane and tossed her into the ocean as one of his victims. Then, he crashed his boat so his co-workers would think died. In the final scene, Dexter is sporting a beard, wearing jeans and a flannel shirt, working up north as a lumberjack.

Until Dexter returns, his fans can catch him on Netflix’s The Crown. He steps out of his role as a serial killer and into the role of President John F. Kennedy.

Hall revealed that it was tough to play Kennedy because you have to find a way to depict him without mimicking his mannerisms while honoring his legacy.

“It’s a challenging thing, I know that on the show they certainly encourage people to honor the spirit of the people they’re playing but don’t encourage straight-up mimicry.”

According to Digital Spy, Michael hopes that his portrayal of Kennedy will add depth to the show. He doted on his co-stars on The Crown, stating that everyone does a wonderful job and believes Season 2 will please the fans.

Michael C. Hall doesn’t give a timetable when the fans could see Dexter return to Showtime. He just gives the viewers hope that it will return eventually.

For most Dexter fans, that is good enough for now.

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