‘Teen Mom 2′: Jenelle Evans’ Mom Barbara Responds To 911 Call, Abuse Allegations

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans recently called 911 on her own mother, Barbara Evans, and accused her of abusing her son, Jace. The MTV mom told police that Jace had called her crying and revealed that his grandmother, Barbara, whom he lives with, had “hit” him. Jenelle also claimed that she could hear her mother screaming at Jace over the phone, telling him to leave her house and never come back.

According to a Dec. 12 report by Radar Online, Barbara Evans is now responding to Jenelle Evans’ 911 call and those shocking abuse allegations. Barbara recently revealed that she was shocked when police came to her house after Jenelle had called them, claiming there was an emergency. The Teen Mom 2 grandmother says that police talked to Jace and asked him if his grandma had hit him, to which he responded, “No, my grandmother did not hit me.”

Barbara says that Jace did have a “meltdown” that night, but it wasn’t because he was being physically abused. Evans claims that her grandson was experiencing the effects of his ADHD medication wearing off, which often happens at night. Jenelle’s mother says that Jace was “upset” and that he had been “throwing toys and kicking the walls” due to the medication leaving his system. However, by the time police came to the house, Barbara says she had given Jace his next dose of medication and that he was “calm.”

The Teen Mom 2 grandmother also stated the police told her that the 911 call was “just another thing with Jenelle and her drama,” and that they said she was trying to get ratings up for the MTV reality series. However, Jenelle Evans claims that she has a recording of her son’s phone call and her mother yelling at him. If the recording does exist, Jenelle could use it to try and win custody of Jace back in another court battle.


As many Teen Mom 2 viewers know, Barbara has had custody of Jenelle Evans’ son, Jace, since he was a baby. Jenelle willingly signed over custody to her mother when she was still a teenager and living a very erratic lifestyle. However, over the years Jenelle has completed college, gotten married, and even had two more children, whom she has custody of. The reality star has been fighting her mother for custody of Jace, but things have not gone her way. Earlier this year, the two went to court over their custody issues, and the legal system sided with Barbara. Barbara was awarded custody of Jace and Jenelle was given court-ordered visitation.

Teen Mom 2 is currently filming another season and will be back on MTV in 2018.