Epic Win: News Corp Likely To Remove Content From Google

News Corp founder and CEO Rupert Murdoch has told an interview with Sky News Australia that News Corp will likely remove News Corp content from Google.

The revelation came early in the interview, after Murdoch claimed that Google and others are stealing News Corp content in response to a question about who he was talking about when he talked about plagiarists. “The people who simply pick up everything to run with, and steal our stories…they just take them..without payment. That’s Google, Microsoft, Ask.com..a whole lot of people.”

Murodch claimed that readers who visit News Corp sites via search offer little value to advertisers, and that News Corp would rather have fewer people coming to their websites, but paying. Asked why News hasn’t made its sites invisible to Google, Murdoch replied: “I think we will….but that’s when we start charging.”

Murdoch also claims that News Corp believes that the doctrine of Fair Use can be challenged in court and “barred altogether.”

As Mumbrella notes, many sites (including this one) have called on News Corp and others to use Robots.txt to take their content out of Google, a simple change that would put to bed the Google stealing our content argument once and for all.

The full interview as follows:

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