Corey Feldman’s Audio Files Played On ‘Dr. Oz,’ Investigators Laughed Off Allegations

Corey Feldman sat down with Dr. Oz for the second time to discuss sexual assault and pedophilia in Hollywood. After his first interview with Dr. Oz and Matt Lauer on Today, Feldman’s credibility was called into question after the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s office denied having a record of the former child actor’s accusations of abusers in entertainment. As the Inquisitr reported last week, the audio files were discovered and turned over to the L.A.P.D., and Feldman admitted to finding his copies of the tapes around the same time.

Once vindicated, Feldman told his Twitter followers he planned to release the recordings once his legal team gave him the go-ahead. This morning when he took the stage on Dr. Oz, part of the audio files were aired for the viewers’ ears. The Goonies star was being interviewed over Michael Jackson’s alleged child abuse when he named Jon Grissom as his child molester in 1993. It was clear as day on the tapes, and the investigator didn’t seem too concerned with the accusations.

Feldman believed the investigators were more concerned with getting dirt on Jackson than anything else. The actor was 15-years-old at the time he was allegedly molested by Grissom and claimed the abuse lasted for a year and a half, but the interview constantly steered away from his abuser and back to Jackson.

At one point, the detective laughed at Feldman’s allegations and said, “If we run across him, we’ll let you know.”

While speaking with Dr. Oz, Feldman also opted to speak about Matt Lauer’s recent scandal. Several weeks ago, Lauer interviewed Feldman about his experience with sexual abuse in Hollywood. Feldman admitted he felt like Lauer was coming after him in the interview and was confused why. After the news came out about the former Today host, Feldman said it all made sense.

“He is the problem. Not him, but he epitomizes the problem. The way he behaved is a perfect example of the hierarchy and the mental abuse, the shaming, the power play of ‘I’m bigger than you’ … that’s what this is about. And that’s exactly how these predators get over on these victims.”

Feldman and Oz also discussed the law regarding child sexual abuse. The actor currently has a petition on to eliminate the statute of limitations on child sexual abuse. He also has two active crowdfunding campaigns in motion. One is for funding to hire a legal team and security for himself and his family as he plans to expose more Hollywood names who are guilty of sexual assault and/or pedophilia. The second fund is to finance the movie he plans to release to name said predators. The campaigns are not receiving as much attention or funding as Feldman would like, as he continues to ask his Twitter followers for support and donations.

Some Twitter users are slamming Feldman, accusing the actor of using crowdfunding for personal gain. Several users pointed out the Lost Boys star has failed to follow through on promises for donors who sent in specific amounts of money for perks. Signed posters and CD’s are just some of the things promised to donors who shelled out large sums of money.

Feldman responded to these accusations on Twitter, explaining some things get lost in the cracks and he is working on hiring a team to make sure all of his donors are taken care of.

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