Sheree Whitfield Reacts To NeNe Leakes Calling Her Boyfriend, Tyrone, A Con Artist

Paras GriffinGetty Images

On the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, viewers saw that NeNe Leakes had a lot to say about Sheree Whitfield’s relationship with Tyrone Gilliams. Shockingly, when Sheree was with Porsha Williams and Marlo Hampton in another area of San Francisco, NeNe told Kandi Burruss, Kenya Moore, and Cynthia Bailey that Tyrone, whom Sheree had previously confessed she was dating despite him being in prison, was a con artist. Not only that, NeNe also claimed that Tyrone defrauded a company out of a huge sum of money, around $4 million.

What does Sheree have to say about what NeNe said about her boyfriend? On Sunday night, as the episode aired, Sheree retweeted a viewer’s tweet that made it clear that she doesn’t think that NeNe should have said anything at all about Tyrone.

The viewer’s tweet stated that since NeNe “probably had a few prisoners in her time in her old stripper life,” she shouldn’t give advice on what type of man Sheree should or shouldn’t be dating, especially since it seems that Sheree’s happy. The viewer also wrote that NeNe’s friend, Marlo, “had a few sugar daddies and remain single.”


By retweeting the tweet, Sheree Whitfield seems to be telling everyone that she doesn’t care what NeNe Leakes says about her boyfriend, Tyrone Gilliams, and that she doesn’t think that NeNe, considering her past, should be judging anyone. Throughout her many seasons on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, NeNe has not shied away from her past as an exotic dancer, which she did before her marriage to Gregg Leakes.

On last week’s episode, Sheree admitted to the other women that she was dating Tyrone, a man in prison. Pressed for details, Sheree explained that she and Tyrone dated for about eight months and that she found out that he was in prison after the fact since they had stopped communicating and seeing one another for a bit right before he went in. Sheree said that Tyrone didn’t tell her about his prison sentence when they were dating because he didn’t want to burden her.

The other housewives expressed shock, especially NeNe. As it turns out, NeNe and Sheree both knew Tyrone many years ago. A flashback scene from an earlier season showed them arguing with one another what was said to Tyrone, who was booking appearances for them.

On the latest Real Housewives episode, Kandi Burruss asked NeNe why she was so surprised that Sheree was dating Tyrone. NeNe called Tyrone a con artist who was arrested for defrauding a company out of around $4 million.

“I met him before she did…He’s a con artist…I knew something wasn’t right with him and then when I learned he was being arrested for frauding a company out of like $4 million…it was a lot [of money].”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, “friend of the housewives” Kim Zolciak recently said that she met Tyrone Gilliams years ago. Unlike NeNe Leakes, however, Kim gave Sheree Whitfield’s relationship with Tyrone her approval. Kim commented that Sheree was really happy with Tyrone and that the relationship seems to be working.