‘Conan Exiles’ Official PS4, Xbox One, And PC Release Date And Collector’s Edition Announced


Funcom’s foray into the open-world survival genre finally has an official release date. Conan Exiles will finally come to the PlayStation 4 while the Xbox One and PC will get official releases on May 8, 2018. A retail push is coming too with both a Day One and Limited Collector’s Editions.

As previously covered, Conan Exiles on the Xbox One has received a price increase to $49.99. This is because retail pre-orders are now available and retailers do not want to compete with the Game Preview price. Additionally, Funcom cannot afford to sell the game at the original $34.99 price at retail due to all the associated costs that come with making and shipping a physical product.

The price for Conan Exiles will remain at $10 on Steam through the May 8 launch date. It will be increased to $39.99 then. Gamers who purchase the title while it is in Steam Early Access or the Xbox One Game Preview program will still own the official release version at no additional cost. It will also come with the Conan’s Royal Armor in-game item at launch.

The Day One Edition for both consoles and PC will only be available through retailers and will come with a physical map of the Exiled Lands. It will also include Conan’s Atlantean Sword as an in-game item.

Featured image credit: Funcom

Meanwhile, the Conan Exiles Limited Collector’s Edition is the version to look for if you want a 6-inch Conan to sit on your desk. It will also come with a full-color comic from Dark Horse Comics about Conan’s adventures in the Exiled Lands, six digital comic books from Dark Horse Comics, a digital RPG book, an ebook containing Robert E. Howard’s first 13 Conan stories, and soundtracks from Conan Exiles, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, and Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer.

Work on Conan Exiles will still continue through the official release in May. Funcom has already added the Frozen North biome along with new creatures, weapons, and other items. The studio is currently revamping the combat system with combo attacks, new volcano area, new jungle biome, loads of new items, plus general polish. These new features are promised to be available by the official launch at no additional cost. It is unknown if other promised features like sorcery and mounts will make the official release.