‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Fans Clash Over Drew-Sam-Jason Love Triangle, Is The Future ‘DreSam’ Or ‘JaSam’?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that Sam (Kelly Monaco) continues to stand by Drew (Billy Miller) despite Andre’s (Anthony Montgomery) revelation that he is not Jason Morgan. She has been facing pressures as a result of her decision. Sam is shaken by Dr. Kim Nero’s (Tamara Braun) disclosure that she had a brief but intense romantic relationship with Drew (Billy Miller) that produced Oscar (Garren Stitt). She confides in Monica (Leslie Charleson) that she fears that new revelations about Drew’s mysterious past could derail their relationship. She later runs into Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) at the pier and pours her heart out to him tearfully. Jason tries to comfort and reassure her that all will be fine, according to spoilers for Thursday, December 14, from SheKnows Soaps.

Spoilers which indicate the emergence of a complicated Drew-Sam-Jason love triangle continue to fascinate fans. GH fans rooting for the perpetuation of the “DreSam” (Drew-Sam) union have had mostly good-natured clashes with fans rooting for a “JaSam” (Jason-Sam) reunion.

Steve Burton, who portrays Jason Morgan, inadvertently sparked rumors that a “JaSam” reunion was in the offing during a recent Twitter chat. When someone asked whether fans should expect Jason and Sam to get back together again, Burton replied “Stay tuned.”

Despite the fact that Burton was clearly trying to avoid giving a direct answer to the question, many hardcore “JaSam” fans were convinced that Jason’s response was a coded message to fans to keep watching in expectation of a surprise plot twist that leads to Jason and Sam reuniting.

The expectation that GH writers are working toward a final Jason and Sam reunion is not entirely unreasonable. The introduction of Kim to the storyline could easily be a way to set the stage for a more satisfying end state where Drew reunites with his former soulmate, while Sam returns to her original soulmate, Jason.

Many fans insist that there is something intrinsically wrong about a final resolution of the Jason-Drew drama which leaves Sam permanently with Drew, instead of with her real sweetheart, Jason Morgan. Thus, many “JaSam” fans are looking forward to a culmination in which Jason wins backs the love of his life through patience and steadfastness, rather than through an aggressive intervention calculated to disrupt Sam’s current relationship with Drew.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Drew and Sam’s relationship will face challenges that could derail “DreSam” and open the way for a “JaSam” reunion. Drew’s persistent fears and insecurities about his relationship with Sam will continue to plague their relationship and could lead to their eventual breakup. Kim’s revelation to Drew that they had a brief but intense affair in the past could lead to the rekindling of their relationship and force “DreSam” to break up.

General Hospital spoilers for the week of December 18, via TV Source Magazine, suggest that Sam would lose her cool when Drew begins to display his insecurities by questioning her loyalty. General Hospital spoilers state that Sam lashes out at Drew, but the two eventually patch things up.

However, it seems likely that the two will fight again due to Drew’s inability to overcome his insecurities and fears that Sam really wants to be with Jason.

It might take long for Sam to confront her true feelings about Jason Morgan, but many “JaSam” fans are convinced that she will in the long run.

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