Jadeveon Clowney Hit Against Michigan In Outback Bowl Takes On Legendary Status

Jadeveon Clowney Hit

Jadeveon Clowney delivered a hit in the Outback Bowl against Michigan running back Vincent Smith so violent that it caused the entire state of Michigan to dissolve from existence.

That is, at least, if you believe Wikipedia. After the South Carolina defensive end delivered a jarring hit on Smith that forced a fumble and became the stuff of YouTube legend, someone decided to make changes to Jadeveon Clowney’s Wikipedia page to reflect the historic nature of the hit.

Though the entry has since been scrubbed clean, Bleacher Report was able to grab a screenshot of the change. It read:

“In the Outback Bowl, Clowney obliterated the entire state of Michigan when he hit Wolverines’ running back Vincent Smith and forced a fumble. There are now only 49 states in the United States and Roger Goodell has suspended Clowney for the first game of his NFL career.”

The hit itself has led to some high praise for Clowney, who many had seen as the best player in college football, despite his relative obscurity compared to high-profile players on the offensive side of the ball.

The play couldn’t have come at a bigger moment, the New York Daily News noted:

“Trailing the Wolverines 22-21 with under nine minutes to play, Clowney blew up the UM play and swung the momentum in the Gamecocks’ favor, hitting Smith in the backfield and knocking both his helmet — and the ball — loose. Clowney, a sophomore defensive end, reached down with his left hand and recovered the fumble at the Michigan 31. South Carolina took the lead on the very next play, a 31-yard TD pass from Connor Shaw to Alec Sanders, and went on to win, 33-28.”

If the hit seemed scary, just imagine how SEC running backs feel. Jadeveon Clowney is still only a sophomore, so he’ll return for the Gamecocks next season.