Artie Lange Is 'Sorry' For His October 8 Tweet, Says He is 'Ok' After A Visit From The Hoboken Police

For more than 20 years, Artie Lange has been entertaining audiences as a comedian, radio host, writer, and actor. However, for many of those years, the former Mad TV and Howard Stern Show star has had fans concerned about his well-being. As detailed in Lange's two best-selling books, Too Fat to Fish and Crash and Burn, Lange has battled health and addiction issues.

Last month, Lange canceled a comedy show in Akron, Ohio, reportedly hospitalized due to high blood sugar issues. Earlier in the year, Lange had been arrested in his hometown of Hoboken, New Jersey, for drug possession. He had missed a scheduled court date in June, although the charges were eventually downgraded as part of good lawyering.

The latest in the "what's with Artie saga?" began this past Friday, December 8. Lange posted a disheveled selfie on Twitter with the following caption.

"Hey I got a quick message for u Ang. U ain't the man. U run for the man. I fear nothing."

While it was unclear what Lange meant with this tweet, it led to some concerned Twitter followers to alert Hoboken police. Lt. James Peck visited Lange's apartment to check on the comic's well-being on Saturday, December 9. In response Lange posted the following tweet.

"Everything isn't funny as the Great Hoboken Police just explained to me. I'm so sorry I made those guys deal with unimportant crap. I'm fine. In a related issue how do u delete a tweet?"

Lange has not deleted his original tweet. He has since posted about himself "back to bein Artie...As u can see I'm ok!" Following this, Lange fired off numerous tweets about upcoming projects and appearances.

Alongside Opie & Anthony alum Anthony Cumia, Lange is currently the co-host of The AA Show. Airing Monday through Thursday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. EST, the subscription-based AA Show launched earlier this year. Prior to this, Lange was the host of the Artie Quitter podcast, as recorded most weekdays in his Hoboken apartment.

Lange's third memoir, Wanna Bet?: A Degenerate Gambler's Guide to Living on the Edge, is currently available for pre-order. The HBO series Crashing, on which Lange plays a slightly-fictionalized version of himself, returns with its second season on January 14. Meanwhile, Lange's upcoming stand-up dates include New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, and Las Vegas. However, Lange has not been heard on The Howard Stern Show since being let go in 2009.