‘Gold Rush’ Update: Todd Hoffman’s Last Chance And Parker Schnabel’s Frustrations Multiply On ‘Mega Week’

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Times are tough for Todd Hoffman and Parker Schnabel. In the Gold Rush episode titled “Gold Bars and Hail Marys,” the Hoffman crew are giving up on their pint-sized claim and are close to quitting altogether.

Meanwhile, Parker Schnabel is no longer preoccupied with beating Todd in their 100-ounce gold bet. Instead, things are so bad that he may shut down Rick Ness! And what about Tony Beets? Will he stop working on dredges long enough to mine for some gold?

Todd Hoffman is in a quandary. They are not getting the gold they need on the 75-square foot of land at the Fairplay mine. This was reduced due to residential rezoning.

Yet, they find a mine — right next door! However, the only issue is that it was mined over a hundred years ago.

Instead of looking for another mine, Todd is focused on hoping the miners of the past were less than successful. Perhaps a bit like most of the Hoffman crew’s Gold Rush seasons.

“Let’s just hope they didn’t take it all.”

They decide to test out 1,000 yards to see if there is any gold. According to Monsters and Critics, the situation is so precarious that Hunter, Todd’s 18-year-old son, asks his dad what will happen if there is no gold. Todd’s answer is quite ominous.

“Well, then it’s over.”

Already, there is dissension on the Hoffman crew. Kevin Hiatt is concerned that he cannot continue to stay on if they are not making money.

“We’re only making money when we’re finding gold. I can’t afford to stay here if we’re not getting any. It’s that simple, really.”

Logan Pierce has already been through this before, and he doesn’t see the current trend as positive. They are halfway through the season, and he makes it clear this is when they should be mining, not prospecting.

“Last time we were prospecting in the middle of the season I wasn’t getting paid any more. This is not a road I like to head down. Prospecting doesn’t pay my mortgage. We need gold in this test.”

The good news is that in the 1,000 yards, they find 8.85 ounces. Todd goes to the owners of this claim and offers them 20 percent of anything they get, and they agree to this.

But then there is sobering news. Freddy Dodge has to get cancer testing and is going to the doctors. The team gathers together in prayer before Freddy leaves. The goal of 5,000 ounces of gold, and Parker’s bet forgotten.


Rick Ness is in his own quandary. There is silt in the pond and no clean water. Despite Parker’s outward frustrations, Rick devises a clever plan to dig a quarter-mile canal through the towering pile of dirt. The only problem: This takes five days.


When it comes to clean up time, the lost days are obvious, as Sluicifer finds 151 ounces and Big Red only 32.1 ounces. Had there been no water issue, Parker would have been on goal this week, with his ambitious quest for 5,000 ounces of gold this season.

Parker is angry, and Rick Ness is upset and frustrated that there have been so many problems this season. Will Parker shut him down, or could Rick give up?

Tony Beets is taking a dangerous river journey on a barge to the second dredge. Despite a hose issue on the second day of the trip, they finally get to their destination.

Thankfully, Sheamus has fixed the Jasmine B. Does Tony Beets now have the tools to get to that 3,000 ounces of gold? We will have to wait another week!