Matt Roloff Sparks Heated Debate After Posting Article On Iraq War Against ISIS, Gets Hate From Anti-Trumpists

Celebrities and politics don’t mix or at least that’s what some fans of Little People Big World patriarch Matt Roloff are trying to tell the reality TV star. Matt recently posted an article about the war in Iraq against the terrorist group, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or ISIS.

Roloff, who claimed that he has been to Iraq three times, said that he found the Fox News article as “most interesting.” The article was titled “Trump, Mattis turn military loose on ISIS, leaving caliphate in tatters.”

The mere mention of Donald Trump must’ve riled some of Matt’s followers. These people accused Matt of being a Trump supporter and condemned him for his political stance even though Roloff did not say anything about supporting Trump. A number of them even said that they lost all respect for Matt after assuming that he is for Trump.

One fan in particular supposedly said some deriding words about Trump, which have since been deleted. The fan also said that it’s a fact that the world and most Americans hate Trump. A number of supporters of the president quickly showed their displeasure towards the Trump critic. They defended Trump saying he is “doing a great job” and that the war against ISIS should’ve been over a long time ago if not for Obama and Clinton. Another said that the Trump critic is buying into the lies about the president on TV.

Matt didn’t shy away from the controversy his post has generated as the 56-year-old grandfather of two also replied to some of the comments. Matt posted a coupe of other articles, which he said would’ve been a better way to get his point across. The Washington Post article talked mainly about the “near defeat” of ISIS in Iraq and didn’t mention Trump at all as opposed to the Fox News article, which gave Trump credit for the demise of ISIS in Iraq.

Matt told his anti-Trump followers that they missed his point entirely after they made the post all about Trump and not about the victory against ISIS in Iraq.

“Forget about the Fox News article that happens to give Trump credit,” Matt said. “What about the undisputed facts? Iraq seems to be getting their country back… at least for now.”

Matt also explained why he had to delete some of the comments on his post. According to Roloff, he deleted comments that contained expletives and “immature language.”

“I won’t ban anyone on this because I started it,” Matt said. “But please keep things civil and clean.”

Despite Matt’s effort to shift the focus from Trump to Iraq and the victory against ISIS, some fans insist on talking about his political beliefs.

“Matt, perhaps you shouldn’t get political,” one fan said. “I like you and enjoy your family, but please, I hope you’re not a Trump supporter but if you are I’ll have to stop supporting your show.”

“No, you should stick to pumpkins,” said another.

This is not the first time that a member of the Roloff family has been accused and called out for being a Trump supporter. During the campaign period, Audrey Roloff, wife of Matt’s son Jeremy, posted some videos on Instagram Stories, which indicated that she supported Trump.

One of the video clips showed Trump making his closing remark in a debate against Hillary Clinton. Trump said that the United States “cannot take four more years of Barack Obama, and that’s what you get if you vote for Hillary Clinton.” Immediately after that, a female voice can be heard saying, “That was good!”

Fans quickly assumed it was Audrey who praised Trump and she was lambasted for that. Audrey called these people out for making assumptions though she did not say if she indeed supported Trump or not.

Matt’s youngest son, Jacob, also expressed his views on Trump. The younger Roloff slammed Trump on Twitter calling him a “total clown” and blasted him for “sputtering out of relevance, and business.”

As for Matt, he prefers to focus on what is happening in Iraq and ISIS instead of dwelling on whether he supports Trump or not.

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