Galaxy S9: Samsung’s 2018 Flagship Would Likely Have As Much As 512GB Of Storage, But It Will Come At A Price

The Samsung Galaxy S9 will likely become a runaway hit like its predecessor, the Galaxy S8. While expectations are high that the upcoming device would only feature slight improvements over this year’s flagship, the Galaxy S9 is still shaping up to be one incredibly compelling smartphone. If recent rumors are any indication, however, one of the Galaxy S9’s most notable improvements will come at a price.

According to a recent report from the Express, Samsung has recently announced that it had been producing 512GB embedded Universal Flash Storage units over the past few months. Such a storage option is practically unheard of in the mobile market, with the size usually reserved for larger machines such as laptop computers. So far, Apple’s current-generation iPhones lead the market with 256GB of native storage, and those devices command a significant premium.

Putting two and two together, it appears like Samsung is intent on introducing a flagship smartphone with industry-leading storage features. If the South Korean tech giant does release a smartphone with 512GB of native storage, the Samsung Galaxy S9 would effectively become the handset of choice for users who love taking pictures, storing 4K content, and loading their phones with tons of apps.

With 512GB of native storage at their disposal, after all, users could essentially fill their smartphone up with as much content as they want, and they would likely have more than enough space to spare.

While the Galaxy S9’s storage option might very well be industry-leading, however, recent rumors have also stated that the South Korean tech giant would be removing a popular feature for the upcoming flagship device. According to recent speculations, the Galaxy S-series of 2018 would be letting go of its popular expandable memory feature, focusing all its storage on its native flash unit instead.

Considering that the device would already be equipped with half a terabyte worth of native storage, however, the absence of expandable memory in the Galaxy S9 might not be a big deal for Samsung fans at all. Besides, the additional storage would likely be complemented by a range of new colors too, such as purple, black, gold, and blue, as noted in a recent Forbes report.

With Samsung seemingly intent on pushing the envelope with the Galaxy S9 once more, it seems like the South Korean tech giant is pulling out all the stops to beat the biggest dog in the smartphone yard today — Apple’s iPhone X. With half a terabyte at its disposal, the Samsung Galaxy S9 would definitely exceed its Cupertino-based rival, at least in terms of raw storage capacity.