Duggar Family Fans Stunned By Jinger Vuolo’s Outfit In Latest Instagram Photo

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo have done it again. The couple’s latest Instagram picture has fans cheering their lifestyle and fashion choices. Duggar family followers are now urging Mrs. Vuolo to start a style blog.

Her wedding to Jeremy at 22 prompted critics to write off Jinger as just another Duggar girl destined to herd a large family while being submissive to her husband in the most conservative of ways. According to In Touch Weekly, Jinger shocked critics by wearing pants and later by avoiding pregnancy. Though he reportedly is pro-life and shares beliefs the Duggar family also shares, Jeremy Vuolo has been appreciated for letting his wife try outfits other than skirts and delay having a child.

For the image she shared on Instagram late Saturday, Jinger wore what looks like a round-neck tunic top and paired it with black leggings and long-heeled, ankle-length boots. What got the attention of her fans is the fur vest she donned.

“Your outfit! Love it. Y’all dress so cute together. So fashionable!!!! We have great fashion here in Texas. Lol!” a Duggar family fan wrote.

And not for the first time, her latest outfit also saw suggestions of a fashion blog.

“Please make a style blog Jinger! You always look so adorable and I would love to know where you get all of your outfits from!”


The response Jinger Vuolo has witnessed to changed wardrobe choices may also have persuaded at least another Duggar daughter to try pants. Jill Dillard is now reportedly wearing pants and sporting a nose stud, which have been welcomed but have also been seen with some suspicion in the wake of Derick Dillard and Jazz Jennings’ TLC controversy.

In the initial days post her wedding, it seemed Jinger refrained from dressing freely when out with her family. However, in the recent past, it appears she has been asserting her clothing choices even in her family’s presence.

For the Counting On after-show that aired in July, she chose to go short-sleeved in a dress that barely covered her knees, despite the Duggar family, including Jim Bob and Michelle, around. Her outfit was a stark contrast to what her sisters wore – knee-length skirts and long-sleeved tops.

More recently, Jinger paired a floral top with a pair of leggings when all the other women gathered in skirts for the family’s Thanksgiving. Clearly, being around her family is not a deterrent anymore to expressing herself. Will Duggar fans see her don pants for Counting On?