Real Reason Why Triple H Defeated Jinder Mahal In India Revealed

Jinder Mahal’s future with WWE has been a matter of debate since he dropped the WWE Championship to AJ Styles a month ago. During Mahal’s 170-day title reign, the WWE Universe was mindful of how hard the company was promoting its tour of India in December. However, WWE officials ending Jinder’s title run and making some major changes to the India tour due to ticket sales made his WWE future look very bleak.

“The Modern Day Maharaja” was still showcased against Triple H during the massive event in New Delhi, but the WWE Universe was surprised again to see Jinder Mahal defeated by The Game in the main event of the show. Mahal was humble in defeat, but a lot of fans are wondering why WWE officials chose to have Jinder lose in his home country after almost a year of buildup and a major title loss to AJ Styles only a month ago.

It’s being reported that Jinder Mahal’s loss to Triple H in India is a big indication that his main event push is coming to an end. Nothing is written in stone, but it seems that Mahal won’t be regaining the WWE Title from AJ Styles at WWE Clash of Champions. There have been rumors that could be the plan for weeks, but Jinder Mahal’s loss in India is enough to show that WWE officials don’t want him to build new momentum.

‘After his lost to Triple H, it seems Jinder Mahal’s main event run is officially over.’

If Jinder Mahal’s main event run is over, that isn’t an indication that WWE has given up on the expansion into the Indian market. The WWE live events in New Delhi have been extremely successful and it has been reported that Mahal received an epic hero’s welcome. Mahal’s run as a main eventer may be ending soon on SmackDown Live, but that doesn’t mean he will drop to the bottom of the card.

Over the course of the year, Jinder Mahal has proven his worth as an excellent heel and getting involved in the U.S. Title hunt could be a great idea for him during WrestleMania season. It appears that Mahal will be splitting from the Singh Brothers on SmackDown Live as well. WWE’s “Mahal experiment” has been highly successful. His main event run could be ending, but that doesn’t mean he won’t earn another run someday.

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