‘Shadow Of The Colossus’ PS4 Updates: Developer Reveals Visual Enhancements, Special Edition Box Set

Shadow of the Colossus is poised to release exclusively on the PlayStation 4 on February 8, and with the PlayStation Experience (PSX 2017) continuing this weekend, the developer is now sharing more details on the remake’s visual enhancements. The team has also revealed a Special Edition Box Set, which comes with both physical and digital collectibles.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, executive producer Yasutaka Asakura, of JAPAN Studio, reminds PlayStation owners that the remake of Shadow of the Colossus is not a port of the PlayStation 2 original. The team has remade the game for the modern day PlayStation 4 hardware.

However, “it is a fact that is harder to communicate via text or stills,” Asakura acknowledged before unveiling a new video (which can be viewed below) that provided side-by-side comparisons of Shadow of the Colossus on PS2, PS3, and PS4 Pro.

Those playing on PS4 Pro will get to choose from two distinct game modes: Cinematic and Performance. According to Asakura, the Cinematic mode “emphasizes image quality, and for owners of compatible 4K HDR displays, boasts a beautiful dynamic 4K image targeting 30 fps.” By comparison, the Performance setting gives players a “fluid” 60 fps experience.

For those who would still like to see 4K stills, a gallery of stunning images highlighting the new visuals have been uploaded to PlayStation Blog‘s Flickr album here.

Shadow of the Colossus Special Edition PS4

Fans and collectors hoping to get some extra goodies with the game upon its release can look forward to the Special Edition Box Set. It features a steelbook case and sleeve, and a selection of postcards adorned with Shadow of the Colossus artwork. Also listed as physical bonus items are a world map, Colossi stickers, and a printed manual.

The Special Edition also comes with digital bonuses, including two custom PS4 themes and a set of PSN Avatars featuring Colossi. In-game digital items bundled in the set are an Ancient Bow, Cloak of Fate, and a “Spotted Steed” Agro skin.

Pre-orders for the Shadow of the Colossus Special Edition do not yet appear to have become available at most major retailers as of this writing, but the Standard edition has been available at most shops, including GameStop, Best Buy, and Amazon. With a suggested retail price of $49.99 USD, it is $10 more than the Standard version.