David Cassidy’s Son’s Inheritance Could Be Slashed: Old Debt May Take A Major Cut From Late Superstar’s Estate

David Cassidy left his monetary assets to his only son, Beau, but the final tally for Cassidy’s heir could be much lower than originally expected. Amid years of financial woes due to his health, a series of DUI arrests, and mismanagement by his financial handlers that goes back to his Partridge Family days, David Cassidy left $150,000 in assets to his son, Beau. But now, Cassidy’s estate is being sued by the late superstars’ former lawyers who say there’s an unpaid bill for $102,000 that they have been trying to collect for years.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the Florida-based Rodier & Rodier law firm sued David Cassidy over a stack of unpaid legal bills in 2013. The law firm reportedly represented Cassidy for five years, to the tune of $134,221.50. Cassidy made a partial payment on the debt, but left an unpaid balance of $102,834. When the former Partridge Family idol filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2015, he listed Rodier & Rodier as a creditor during the case. The debt was not discharged after David Cassidy’s bankruptcy payment plan was shut down.

The law firm had been actively pursuing the money owed to them as recently as this October when they headed to a Florida court. A hearing was set for December 20, but Cassidy died in November. Now, the firm is eyeing Cassidy’s estate as a way to get what’s owed to them. While David’s will stipulated that his assets should go to his son, a $102,000 payment towards the old legal debt will leave Beau with a mere $48,000 inheritance.

David Cassidy left his music memorabilia to his half-brothers, Shaun, Ryan, and Patrick. But in an unfortunate move, Cassidy cut his daughter, Katie, from his will completely. It should be noted David Cassidy’s will hadn’t been updated since 2004 when it was drafted during a particularly tumultuous time in his relationship with his daughter.

While Katie Cassidy rushed to her father’s bedside in his final hours and even shared his final words—”So much wasted time”—with fans, earlier this year, David admitted to Dr. Phil that he was never close with his daughter, who was born out of his relationship with model Sherry Williams. Cassidy also revealed that he was no longer in contact with Katie, mostly by her choice.

“There was never any chemistry to begin with,” David said. “I didn’t meet her until she was 12 or 13. She was sweet and lovely and I think she’s very talented, and I’m proud of her for that. My son sees her occasionally, her half-brother.”

Katie Cassidy David Cassidy

As for Beau, David was extremely close to his only child with ex-wife Sue Shifrin, which explains his instructions to leave all of his money to his son.

“I would do anything for him,” David said of Beau on The Dr. Phil Show.

“He was the love of my life and probably the reason I didn’t kill myself.”

After his father’s death, Beau Cassidy later told People he was grateful he was able to “hold and love the best friend I’ll ever have in his last moments.”

It’s clear that David Cassidy had an incredible bond with his only son, Beau. David would be devastated to know that the gift he earmarked for his 26-year-old son could now be eaten away by an old legal debt.

You can see David Cassidy talking about his relationship with his two children in the video below.