Fingerlings Monkey Toys Lot Sells For $3,750 On eBay: Search For $14.99 Real WowWee Toys In Stock Brings Fakes

Fingerlings toys have been dubbed one of the top Christmas toys desired for 2017. However, they are proving hard to find in stock for some parents wishing to get their fingers on the little monkeys. As reported by Google Trends, some of the top searches for the Fingerlings monkeys include folks searching stores like Amazon, Walmart, Toys R Us, Target, and others to try and find the interactive toys in stock. And yet a search on Amazon for the official WowWee Fingerlings – such as the Interactive Baby Monkey named Bella in pink with yellow hair – shows the WowWee toy sold out right now and only available for sale by third-party sellers, with prices topping $40 or more.

The Fingerlings toys are also sold out on Walmart currently, with Fingerlings like “Kingsley The Interactive Baby Sloth,” a Walmart exclusive, listed for $14.84, along with the sold-out Interactive Baby Monkey named Finn, who is black with blue hair. Searches for Fingerlings on Target’s website shows the toys unavailable as of this writing, with the Fingerlings listings on the Toys R Us website showing the “Collectible of the Year” sold in stores only.

The unavailability of the popular WowWee toys is sending shoppers on searches to find Fingerlings, making the robotic monkeys popular on eBay as well.

Fingerlings Monkey Toys are a hot Christmas toy.

The sold listing called “WowWee Fingerlings Lot Complete Set Monkeys Playset Sloth GiGi Milly Sophie Finn” proves that a buyer was willing to pay $3,750 for the Fingerlings booty. Other sold listings of Fingerlings toys on eBay show the prices people have paid for the toys.

As seen in the above Facebook post from the official page of the toymaker, warnings about fake Fingerlings hitting the world wide web were issued to consumers. As WowWee claimed that they were working tirelessly to provide more Fingerlings to meet the demands for one of the holiday season’s hottest toys, consumers have left comments on the social media site that claim they have been fooled into buying fake Fingerlings via listings that may have displayed photos of real Fingerlings online but arrived in the mail as a counterfeit toy.

Some consumers have written that they ordered Fingerlings via dubious third-party sellers and are still waiting for their toys to arrive.