YouTube Sensation Trisha Paytas Begs O.J. Simpson To Sleep With Her In Bizarre Music Video

YouTube personality Trisha Paytas just made her most bizarre video yet, and many viewers are questioning whether her sexual proposition to O.J. Simpson is a joke or a serious request. The singer released a video yesterday to the stylings of Meghan Trainor’s “Dear Future Husband” and begged the former running back to sleep with her.

A week ago, Trisha teased the song by posting a photo on Instagram of herself surrounded by images of the parolee. She captioned the photo with an orange emoji, and her fanbase began sounding off in the comment section. Some fans questioned her bizarre photo, while others supported the YouTuber by claiming this was all just a form of her “art.”

In the new song, Trisha sings, “I’ve been lovin’ you for a while/Let’s all forget about the trial/You’re a free man now/Let’s get together now.”

The song grows in peculiarity as it continues, as she fumbles with a condom in the music video. Trisha goes on to say the couple wouldn’t need birth control and joked about being infertile and having hypertension. The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant licks photos of O.J. during the video and makes several suggestive gestures throughout its entirety.

“I’m thick and blonde/You’re a sexy con/So let’s just get it on.”

About halfway through the song, it appears to be more of a parody than a plea as Trisha admits O.J. “keeps the world’s attention,” and this is her reason for wanting him.

However, the purpose of the song is still debatable. “Dear O.J. Simpson” has been viewed over 150,000 times in 24 hours and has about 6,000 likes from fans. 4,000 users gave the video a thumbs down, and a battle has ensued in the comment section. Parody or not, viewers were not feeling the bizarre video whatsoever.

One YouTube user did not find the video funny, as they commented: “there’s a fine line between trolling for views and romanticising a murderer… girl wt*”

That comment alone has over 1,000 likes from viewers and many other commenters paralleled the sentiment. Many believe the video is for views and notoriety as Trisha has been blasted for being hungry for fame in the past.

Some YouTube users noted Trisha posted a song about loving Jesus a few weeks ago and questioned her character after posting “Dear O.J. Simpson.” The 29-year-old was called a slew of names by viewers as many promised to unfollow the star immediately.

According to The Sun, Trisha, as received mild fame outside of YouTube appearing on Dr. Phil, starring as Jessica Simpson in Eminem’s “We, Made You” music video, and was an extra on Modern Family.

To view the questionable video click here. Keep in mind, it may not be safe for work.

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