Melania Trump Posts ‘First Snow Day 2017’ Photo On Facebook, Instagram And Twitter From Inside White House

First Lady Melania Trump took to her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to celebrate what she dubbed the “first snow day 2017” and a “beautiful morning” from inside the White House. Melania recently made news for saying that she would love to escape to a deserted tropical island with her family for the holidays, as reported by the Inquisitr, when the first lady read The Polar Express to a group of children who were also allowed to ask her a few questions.

Melania posted the same photo to her Instagram account, from the vantage point of looking through the window beneath a large wreath with a red bow on the outside. The photo shows the fountain on the South Lawn of the White House in the background, which is sometimes described as the back lawn of the White House.

Just like other photos posted on social media by Melania, the latest one has garnered a plethora of varying comments. Some viewers have written that the mere thought of Melania being in the White House with President Donald Trump is upsetting. Others have noted that Melania has once again taken a photo “through the looking glass” of sorts, like a prisoner. Yet and still others are praising Melania and calling her a wonderful first lady, while her reply section fills with differing photos from Melania’s modeling days.

The official Facebook page of First Lady Melania Trump also posted the same photo of the snow in D.C., with Melania soon thereafter gaining thousands of Facebook reactions. The comments on Facebook feature people wishing Melania a Merry Christmas and thanking her for posting the snowy photo.

Melania might just have an opportunity to post more snowy photos because the D.C. area is expected to get additional snow, as reported by WTOP. The publication notes that the area could continue to get snow from the morning through till the afternoon, with only two inches of snow expected to fall in D.C., while other surrounding areas could get as much as 4 to 8 inches of snow or more. Schools in Maryland and Virginia have canceled some activities, such as ACT exams, in anticipation of the snowfall.