Some Fans Aren’t Accepting Tyler Joining The Duggar Family

The Duggar family got a bit bigger recently by adding Tyler to the mix. He is living with them now, but some fans are not accepting it. In Touch Weekly shared the details about what is going on. Last year, Tyler moved in with the Duggars and they do have custody of him.

Back in November of 2016, the family received permanent guardianship over Michelle’s great-nephew after originally obtaining temporary guardianship two months prior. Tyler has been living with them over a year now and seems to fit in great. They are always posting pictures of him with the family and enjoying time with the other kids. A source says that Tyler looks up to Michelle and Jim Bob as parents and they have made him feel right at home. Michelle’s sister Carolyn was the one who had custody of Tyler, but then she had a stroke and Michelle and Jim Bob took him in.

Now some fans are speaking out and saying that they don’t feel like Tyler fits in because he doesn’t have a “J” name. All of the Duggar children’s names start with the letter “J.” The thing is Tyler wasn’t born in the Duggar family and they didn’t name him. Of course, they wouldn’t change his name when he got older. It is odd that some fans feel this way, but they are taking to social networks to make their opinions known. One fan did say that they think that he is “thriving” there. It looks like everyone is happy with the situation, just some fans feel the need to complain about everything.

Tyler is living with the Duggar family regardless of what people think about him. Michelle and Jim Bob have always made it clear that they want more children in their life and adding Tyler to the mix is something they seem to be really happy about doing. Hopefully, when Counting On returns for another season the fans will get to see Tyler more and get to know him better. Maybe that will make it easier for some people to see how well he fits into the family regardless of the point that his name doesn’t start with a “J” like the rest of the Duggar children.